Avon revives its brand with technology | CashKaro News Network

Avon turns towards digitalization to modernize its business. Avon is entering the second year of this three-year transformation plan which is focused on helping its 6 million micropreneurs with technology and money saving. As per Nasdaq, Avon Products Inc. remains on track to achieve $65 million cost savings in 2018. With changing consumer and competitor landscape, this beauty company continues significant operational improvements along with taking a fresh look at the business. Avon is second only to Amway with revenues of $5.7 billion but the 2017 figures show a drop in worldwide sales since 2011. Thus, Avon’s digital, mobile-enabled e-interactive brochures with a personalized shopping cart feature will help recapture customers and allow sales representatives to share tends and products directly to consumers via WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Source: Biz Journals


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