Awesome Deals For Restaurants in Noida

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Dining out with friends is always a group favourite. Chatting over some great food with the best people makes anyone feel happy. But when the bills pile up, what do you, besides scrambling for change? Amen to all those made to wash dishes.

But now, we don’t need to worry about that, do we? With Zomato Gold and it’s 1 + 1 offers available for us, big meals at good restaurants become possible. Here’s an overview of the top 1 + 1 restaurants in Noida.

Biriyani Bowl

Situated in Sector 135, the Biriyani Bowl is your go-to place for authentic biriyanis. You can find biriyanis from all over the country each representing the state it’s from. Besides this, also find tasty appetisers and drinks. Pay using Zomato 1+1 and receive discounts. Apart from that, you can also use Zomato coupons to pay for your food.

What to get: Hydrabadi Dum Biriyani, Tandoori Chicken

Mystery of Spice

Want some north Indian delicacies? Come to this place. They also have a very cosy ambience that will make your meal all the better. Get it using Zomato promo codes from CashKaro and save on your order.

What to get: Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikka

Where We Met

A really cool cafe with a super chill ambience this restaurant has a really good menu for you to try out. It is the perfect place to chill at after a long day at college. Go there and eat with 1+1 or just order in with Zomato offers and Zomato discount codes to avail discounts.

What to get: Rice Bowl, Pizza, Pasta

The Feast Box

Is Asian and Chinese food right up your alley? Then this is the restaurant for you. The Feast Box is the perfect fast food cafe where you can chill with your friends. Go and eat there using Zomato’s 1+1 or order it to your house with Zomato promo codes to get cool cashback on the order.

What to get: Chicken Combo, Vegetarian Meal Bowl

CashKaro has a ton of Zomato offers and Zomato discount codes with which you can buy your food. Apart from the 1+1 which you can get on Zomato Gold, use Zomato coupons to get your food and eat as much as you can.

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