Remember the days when you used to slip out from your blankets, do your daily chores, travel to your office and greet your co-workers with hugs and handshakes? Well, it’s high time we begin leading our lives in a new way.  

With numerous organizations getting ready to recall the workforce and improve their stance, it is necessary to safeguard against the prevalent COVID-19 situation. Here, we have compiled a list of necessary precautions that will help you keep yourself safe as you head back to your workplace and ensure that you don’t bring the virus home to your loved ones.

While Travelling 

  • Whenever you travel, always carry these 5 essentials in your bag along with your regular stuff. Having them handy can help you sneak out of an unwanted health-related situation:
    1. Hand sanitizer or sanitizer spray: To sanitize your hands and belongings 
    2. A spare mask: Just in case, the one you’ve worn gets torn or damaged
    3. A pair of disposable gloves: To use while operating lifts or touching a surface exposed to the public
    4. Tissue papers: To wipe your hands clean or use as needed
    5. An emergency contact list: An all-time handy list containing important contact numbers
  • While you are travelling in public transport, maintain proper distance with the other passengers travelling with you. This will help keep yourself and those around you safe.
  • If you use your vehicle to travel, ensure that you travel alone or if you’re travelling with someone you must maintain an adequate distance of 3 feet between yourself and co-passenger.

At Office 

Make sure to wear your mask while you are at the office and don’t touch anything with your bare hands. Take the following precautions while you’re at your office: 

  • Use gloves and tissues: When you enter your office compound, make sure that you have a pair of disposable gloves on. This will help you while operating lift and touching surfaces like door handles, slabs, chairs, keys, work desk, etc., that might have been touched by other people. Alternatively, you can also use tissue paper for the same and discard it once you’re at your work desk.
  • Avoid gatherings and in-person meetings: Breaks are essential but ensure that you avoid indulging in random gatherings. Steer clear of places occupied by 3 – 4 people like elevators, conference rooms, cafeteria, and even at your favourite tea stall near your workplace. Instead use conference calls, email or phone wherever possible. If you cannot avoid a physical meeting, you must stay at least 3 feet away from the ones who are sitting with you.
  • Maintain social distancing: Avoid shaking hands or hugging your co-workers. We know it won’t be easy to keep yourself from joking around with your best friend like you used to, but maintaining social distancing is key while interacting with others at your workplace. Use hand gestures like Namaste, Wave, Bow or Salute while greeting your co-workers or have a standard office greeting like those shown in movies (Yep, we’re talking about Wakanda Forever).
  • Clean hands often: Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with soap and water, even if they are not dirty, or you can even use alcohol-based sanitizer to clean them.
  • Disinfect your belongings using a sanitizer spray: Once you are at your workstation, clean your work desk, laptop and accessories using sanitizer spray. Follow this practice every day before starting your work.
  • Bring Your Own Stuff (BYOS): Carry your own stuff like power banks, chargers and cutlery so that you don’t have to borrow it from your colleagues or from your office.
  • Use soft copies wherever you can: Mail soft copies of all documents and avoid exchanging hard copies as much as you can. Keeping those around you safe is also important.

Back At Home 

Once you’re back home, ensure the safety of your family or roommates: 

  • As soon as you reach home, disinfect your office bag, mobile and other accessories like keys, watch, shoes and more at a designated disinfection spot.
  • Post sanitizing your accessories take a bath immediately. Make sure that you get your clothes washed separately. This will reduce the risk of any external body getting transferred from your clothes to someone else’s.

In case you feel sick or show mild symptoms of sickness, you should avoid going to your workplace the next day. 

These advisories have been compiled from various trusted sources including government guidelines. If you follow these advisories properly you will be able to protect yourself and your families from the Coronavirus.


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