Bajaj Auto To Conduct Free Service Camps Throughout Kerala For Flood Ravaged Motorbikes

Bajaj Auto, the two-wheeler manufacturer will be conducting service camps throughout the flood ravaged Kerala. This free service camp intends to offer free check up and service to the flood affected Bajaj motorbikes from Aug 28 to Sept 4, 2018. According to the company sources, Bajaj motorcycle owners can get their flood affected bikes to the closest authorized Bajaj Auto dealership.

The vehicle would undergo check up for free which would be followed by engine flushing if required. Also, parts which need minor repairs will also be replaced at the service camp. The oil change costs and minor repairs such as change of filters and gaskets shall be waived by Bajaj Auto dealerships.

In an endeavour to facilitate timely repairs, Bajaj Auto has mobilised requisite spare parts and additional technicians in the states which are in proximity to flood affected Kerala. This is to ensure that all Bajaj motorbikes are back again on the roads in working condition.

Bajaj dealerships would also facilitate preparation of insurance claim papers in case of reported substantial damage.


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