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We all have different kinds of baths, don’t we? The quick bath, the wash-scrub-and-exfoliate bath, bath time with contemplation and what not! Well, whatever may be the kind of bath you are about to take, you need those basic in there to get that refreshingly clean feel. To make your bath time perfect, we have for you a list of must have bathing essential you can get your hands on from BigBasket:

Bathing Bars & Soaps

Starting from all our regular brand of soaps to handmade natural soaps to premium ones, BigBasket has a wide range of bathing bars. They have individual packs and multi packs on combo offers as well. Choose the right soap for your skin type with appropriate filters on the website’s bathing bars section.

Checkout on BigBasket: Yardley London English Lavendar Soap – Tripack, 100 g (Pack Of 3)

Shower Gel & Body Wash

Body washes are super convenient to use and gentle on your skin. Since their arrival in the markets, they have been a popular choice, overruling regular soaps. We have a lot of options in body washes including natural and herbal ones other than our regular brands. Body washes are available in varying pack sizes and multipacks as well.

Checkout on BigBasket: Biotique Bio Apricot – Refreshing Body Wash

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Bathing Accessories

Not only do you need the right soap or body wash, you also need the right bathing accessories for that perfectly cleansing bath. Take your pick from a wide range of body brushes, loofahs, bath sponges and body scrub gloves – all designed for the perfect convenience of the user.

Checkout on BigBasket: BB Home Loofah/Body Bath Scrubber with Handle

BigBasket offer: Up to 65% off on select bathing accessories

Body Scrubs & Exfoliants

Just washing your body is not always sufficient. It is important to scrub it out for proper exfoliation periodically. Choose the right scrub for your body requirement that will scrub out all the dirt and pollution deposits, and remove the dead skin cells to rejuvenate it. Glowing skin now comes at cheaper rates with BigBasket offers!

Checkout on BigBasket: MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub – Tan Removal

Bath Salts & Oils

These are for those long baths we treat ourselves to. Bathing salts and body oils are curated to address different needs – everything from aroma therapy for relaxation to pain relief can be tackled with the right bathing blend. You can even purchase an entire body care set to pamper yourself.

Checkout on BigBasket: Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Bath & Body Oil

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