If you hand your child a workbook or a very interesting toy, there’s no doubt that the child will pick the toy. But what if you could put both of it together? There are a ton of educational and brain-stimulating toys available that you can get and trick your child into learning while playing.

Here are the best educational toys available on Paytm Mall. Buy them and experience the best of both worlds:

Kids Magic Cube

This is not your usual Rubix cube. Though you do have to align the pieces according to the colours, in this cube, the pieces themselves split and move, making it double the fun and double the challenge. Buy it now using Paytm Mall Promo Codes and get cashback on your orders.

Laptop Learning Toy For Kids

Young children always watch what their parents are doing and want to reciprocate. This learning laptop will give them the perfect opportunity to do just that. This laptop will teach your young ones the alphabet, animal sounds and more. Use Paytm Mall Offers and buy the best for your children.

Kidz Rubiks Cube

This will probably keep your kid occupied for hours on end. Once you figure it out, the game only gets even more addicting. Rubik’s cubes are probably the most popular brain-stimulating games ever, which really manages to bring in the fun element. Buy all of the kids you know their own Rubiks Cube with Paytm Mall coupons.

Skylofts Portable 8.5″ Re-Writable LCD E-Pad

Parents should really let the inherent creativity of their children flow. This E-Pad will let you draw, make patterns and much more and you don’t have to waste paper while doing it! This is also really good for playing tic-tac-toe in a long car ride. 

AdraXx 6 In1 Electric Kit

Is your child a science whiz who loves playing with wires and creating circuits? Then make sure you get them this kit. It is the perfect starter for a young electricity expert in the making. Use Paytm Mall Promo Codes to get it.

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