Be The First To Know When Flight Prices Drop!

Don’t we all love to travel? It is a bliss and adventure no one should ever miss out on. Most of us have a list of places that we have vowed to travel to. However, what holds us back from cancelling those places off our list is the hefty price for tickets. It is difficult to afford flight tickets if you travel frequently. We have found a way to help you save money and book your flight tickets at low prices. Keeping track of fluctuating flight prices is not easy, therefore if you have enough time before your scheduled travel day of departure, follow this hack to be the first to know when flight prices drop.

Google flights helps you set price alerts for your travel. It sends you mails to inform you about the price drops. Follow these steps to set your google flights price alert.

Step 1:

Go to Google Flights and enter your details. Select your city of departure and destination and the desired option from one-way or round trip.

Step 2:

Enter the dates of your travel. If your dates are flexible, you can check out the cheapest flights available for other nearby dates.

Step 3:

You will find a box with ‘Track Prices’ written on in above the flight results. Turn off the toggle to track prices of the flights. Google will notify you about any price drops.
You must ensure that you are signed in to google before this, else you will not be able to track prices.

Step 4:

Click on ‘View All’ in the track price toggle. Now you can use this link to see all the flights that you are tracking.

Step 5:

Keep checking your mails so that you do not miss any update shared by google. You will be automatically notified in case of any price drop.

This process will help you save money while booking flight tickets.

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