Beaches In Daman: Explore Top 4 Beaches In & Around Daman

Lying on the West coast of India, Daman is a major part of one of the 7 Union Territories of India. Having a history of Portuguese settlement that ended in the year 1961, the architecture and culture of this place still reflect Portuguese influence. The place experiences a tropical savannah climate with two different seasons thus making it ideal to be visited from October to February.

Why Go There? Beaches | Scenic Landscapes | Forts | Temples
Ideal For: Friends | Family | Couples
Trivia: Daman is known as Damão in Portuguese
Things To Bring Back: Seashells | Oyster Artefacts | Bamboo Items | Leather Slippers

Beaches In Daman: List Of Top 4 Beaches In & Around Daman 

Beaches in/around DamanRegionDistance from the City Center
Jampore BeachDaman2.9km
Devka BeachDaman6.4km
Ghoghla BeachDiu600km
Nagoa BeachDiu661km

Complete Guide To The Best Beaches In & Around Daman

1. Jampore Beach – Popular Beach in Daman

Jampore Beach

Adorned with mud-coloured waters, Jampore beach is one of the most famous beaches in Daman. The beach is situated at the south of Moti Daman. A beach known for its calm waters and low tides, Jampore beach is perfect for those seeking solace and peace in the lap of nature. Breezy all over, this beach is dotted with trees and food stalls that serve some of the most delectable food. An ideal beach destination for your holiday travel, Jampore Beach has something for everyone. While those who’re looking to laze around during vacation, you can enjoy a great deal of sunbathing and watch over the waves splashing on the shore. The others who look forward to enjoying their holiday to the most can swim in the low tide or take a walk on the soft sand of the beach.

Distance From City Centre: 2.9 km

Best Way to Get There:
Road: Book a cab or take a local transport via Dholar and Bhathaiya.

Things To Do At Jampore Beach:

  • Build sand castles
  • Experience the beautiful sunset
  • Go shell hunting
  • Adventure activities like jet skiing, motor boat rides, parasailing and quad-bikes

2. Devka Beach – Picturesque Beach in Daman

Devka Beach

Wrapped in a pure and serene natural environment, Devka beach is quite a picturesque location for those looking forward to capturing some amazing moments. With its clean blue waters and perfectly lined shore, Devka beach is not just an attraction for the older generation but is alluring for youngsters as well. The beach is often frequented by those who wish to indulge in great activities like surfing in the sea and pony rides too.

Distance From City Centre: 6.4 Km

Best Way to Get There:
Road: Book a cab or a local transport that plies via Tinbatti and Damanwada.

Things To Do At Jampore Beach:

  • Build sand castles
  • Get wild at the adventure park
  • Photography

3. Ghoghla Beach – Clean Beach in Daman

Ghoghla Beach

Located towards the north of Diu town, Ghoghla Beach is often frequented by people who prefer a quiet and peaceful environment. An untouched and offbeat beach destination, you will find this beach to be one of the cleanest beaches in Diu. Situated on the outskirts of the city of Diu, this beach is not known to many. A cornucopia of many adventure activities, Ghogla Beach is truly a spectacular place to spend your day at.

Distance From City Centre: 600 Km

Best Way To Get There:
Road: Book a local cab or chart your route via Coastal Highway, Navsari, Bharuch, Vadodara, Bhavnagar to Ghoghla Beach.
Ferries/Steamers: You won’t find these options online but once you reach Daman, you may find some boatmen who can drop you to your destination from Daman.

Things To Do At Jampore Beach:

  • Swimming and Surfing
  • Parasailing
  • Build sand castles
  • Photography

4. Nagoa Beach – Beautiful Beach in Daman

Nagoa Beach

A beautiful beach known for its untouched charm, the Nagoa Beach is dotted with numerous palm trees. While the breeze lures you into relaxation, the natural environment refreshes you to your heart’s content. Extending over an area of 2 km from one end to the other, one can thoroughly enjoy the natural beauty here. While there are numerous ways one can keep themselves occupied, sunbathing is something that can prove to be one-of-a-kind experience here. With the cool breeze swaying the leaves of the trees making them flutter, one can always opt for relaxation and enjoy the tranquil view sipping fresh coconut water.

Distance From City Centre: 661 km

Best Way To Get There:
Road: Book a cab to Nagoa Beach
Ferries/Steamers: These options, though not available online can be easily found once you reach the point. Boatmen commuting to the place on a daily basis can transport you to your destination.

Things To Do At Jampore Beach:

  • Water Sports
  • Camel and Pony Rides
  • Build sand castles
  • Photography

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