Beaches In Mumbai: List of Top Beaches In Mumbai

A destination of the world’s most expensive house and one of the seasonal migration areas for Flamingos, Mumbai has a lot more to offer to its tourists than just being a metropolis. A city bustling with energy, alive 24X7, Mumbai is a powerhouse of hard workers. Home to those who dream big, the city is full of hustle day in and day out. Holding the position of the second most populous metropolitan cities of India, Mumbai is said to be one of the thriving megacities of Asia. A conglomeration of seven islands along the Western Coast of India, the city experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. One can ideally plan a trip to Mumbai during the months of November to February.

With many prominent landmarks and archaic buildings, this city harbors two of the most important ports and some of the most popular beaches of India.

Why Go There? Beaches | Annual Festivals | Colonial Buildings | Religious Places | Markets | Nightlife | Movie Industry Exploration
Ideal For: Friends | Family | Artists
Trivia: Mumbai is the birthplace of Bollywood. It is also the birthplace of Zubin Mehta, the conductor of Western and Eastern classical music. The city has also been a prominent place of education for Freddie Mercury, the frontman of ‘Queen’, one of the greatest rock bands ever.
Things To Bring Back: Jewellery | Khadi Clothing | Leather Jackets | Cinematic Souvenirs

Beaches In Mumbai: List Of 10 Top Beaches In & Around Mumbai

Beaches In MumbaiRegionDistance from City Center
Aksa BeachMalad20.5km
Juhu BeachVille Parle8.8km
Chowpatty BeachGirgaon16.3 km
Versova BeachVersova11.1km
Madh Island BeachMadh15.6km
Silver BeachJuhu16.5km
Marve BeachMalad West21km
Manori BeachManori24.3km
Gorai BeachGorai28.1km
Uran BeachNavi Mumbai31.3km

Complete Guide To The Best Beaches In & Around Mumbai

1. Aksa Beach – Popular Beach in Mumbai

Aksa Beach

One of the most popular vacation spots for those who travel to Mumbai, Aksa beach is a true mirror of the ideal beauty of a seaside. Lined with magnificent palm fringes, street food stalls and cozy tourist accommodations for a relaxed stay, the beach features a laid-back atmosphere. And the bonus point is that the place is far from crowded.

Distance From City Centre: 20.5 Km
Best Way To Get There: Reach Aksa beach via local transport.
Things To Do At Aksa Beach:

  • Jog on the glistening sand of the beach
  • Experience the magical sunset here
  • Relax for a while in silence and hear the waves splashing
  • Go for a family picnic

2. Juhu Beach – Famous Beach in Mumbai

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai among the tourists and locals both. Located by the shoreline of Arabian Sea, this beach experiences heavy footfall throughout the year. From residents of Mumbai to tourists from nearby places, Juhu beach is mostly flooded with people. Bordering a posh locality, this beach offers its tourists some of the most scenic views of the waterfront along with traditional street delicacies of the region.

Distance From City Centre: 8.8km
Best Way To Get There:
Road: To reach Juhu Beach, you can commute via local transport, taxis or autos.
Things To Do At Juhu Beach:

  • Treat your taste buds with the most amazing street food
  • Enjoy horse ride and camel ride
  • Jog or walk on the mesmeric sands of this beach in the morning

3. Chowpatty Beach – Beautiful Beach in Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach

Another popular beach in Mumbai, Chowpatty is mostly famous for the Ganesh Visarjan celebrations. While the beach shares its borders with Marine Drive, Chowpatty is one of the favourite spots for those who enjoy spending time watching the waves crash on the rocky shores. From the food stalls that serve lip-smacking snacks to the jolly kid’s rides, you’ll find everything entertaining and fun over here.

Distance From City Centre: 16.3 Km
Best Way To Get There:
Train: The nearest railway station is the Church Gate Station. After reaching here, you can board a local train to reach the Charni road.
Walk: If you wish to walk to the beach, travel in a local train to Charni Road and walk the way.
Road: You can also reach this place via local buses and taxis.
Things To Do At Chowpatty Beach:

  • Enjoy the horse and camel rides
  • Indulge in lip-smacking food
  • Enjoy the evening taking a stroll on the sand

4. Versova Beach – Quite Beach in Mumbai

Versova Beach

Home to the largest community of fishing folk, Versova Beach is quite popular for its fish market. Facing the vast Arabian Sea, Versova Beach is the most preferred beach in Mumbai for those who are seeking solace and looking to break away from the hustle of city life. Known for its mesmeric sunset views, this beach is one of the breeziest beaches in India where one can relax and chill out.

Distance From City Centre: 11.1 km
Best Way To Get There:
Road: Hire an auto or commute via bus from Andheri Bus Station to Versova Beach.
Things To Do At Versova Beach:

  • Snorkeling
  • Shop for fresh fish
  • Photography
  • Relax and Meditate
  • Gaze at the sunset

5. Madh Island Beach – Clean Beach in Mumbai

Madh Island Beach

One of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, the Madh Island Beach is known for its mangroves’ trees and a laid-back atmosphere. Adorned with a cluster of villages and farmlands situated on the North Western coast of Mumbai, Madh Island beach also acts as a perfect venue for event photography.

Distance from City Centre: 15.6 km
Best Way To Get There:
Road: Commute to this place via an auto or a cab.
Things To Do At Madh Island Beach:

  • Event photography
  • Relax for a while and feel the cool breeze
  • Gaze at the scenic beauty

6. Silver Beach – Picturesque Beach in Mumbai

Silver Beach

An offbeat destination for those who seek solace and comfort in the lap of nature, Silver beach comes to their rescue. A place so serene, calm and away from the crowd, this beach remains unexplored by many. It is an extension of Juhu Beach and has a beautiful park too. You can visit this beach to spend some quiet time or perhaps read a book before heading back to Juhu Beach.

Distance From City Centre: 16.5 km
Best Way To Get There:
Walk: This beach is situated at a walking distance from the Juhu Beach.
Things To Do At Silver Beach:

  • Gaze at the sunset
  • Picnic in the park
  • Try out some delectable food at the Silver Beach Cafe

7. Marve Beach – Beautiful Beach in Mumbai

Marve Beach

Situated in Malad, this beach in Mumbai is famous for its romantic backdrops. Marve Beach is inhabited by the Catholic natives of Mumbai and has a queer similarity with the beaches like that in the region of Goa. While the beach is lined up with cashew nut groves, one can enjoy some of the most scenic views of the sunrise and sunset.

Distance From City Centre: 21 km
Best Way To Get There:
Road: Book a cab or opt for local transport services.
Things To Do In Marve Beach:

  • Experience the Catholic way of living
  • Enjoy scenic views of the beach
  • Photography

8. Manori Beach – Secluded Beach in Mumbai

Manori Beach

Dominated by the local fishing and farming communities, Manori is another clean and secluded beach. A semi-rocky beach, Manori is often occupied by couples owing to its romantic ambiance. A perfect place for pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots, this beach offers some of the most mesmerizing and scenic backgrounds. While there are no adventure sports activities at this beach, one can enjoy some of the most amazing and delectable sea food at the nearby stalls.

Distance From City Centre: 24.3 km
Best Way To Get There:
Road: You can easily reach this beach in a private vehicle via Bhayandar
Things To Do In Manori Beach:

  • Experience the scenic sunset
  • Photography
  • Indulge in the best sea food

9. Gorai Beach – Tranquil Beach in Mumbai

Gorai Beach

A silent beach, Gorai is also known as the lover’s point. While the beach is quite clean and away from any kind of garbage, one can definitely have a great time with their better half here. Featuring a tranquil atmosphere, this beach is lined with many palm trees that make it an exotic place to spend some quality time in the lap of nature.

Distance from City Centre: 28.1 km
Best Way to Get There:
Road: This beach is easily accessible from Bhayandar and Borivali via private vehicle.
Things To Do In Gorai Beach:

  • Ferry rides
  • Scenic Backdrops
  • Photography

10. Uran Beach – Unexplored Beach in Mumbai

Uran Beach

An offbeat beach, Uran is another one-of-a-kind unexplored beach in Mumbai. While the beach area is basically a fishing village, the scenic beauty of Uran is nothing less than the other beaches in Mumbai. Lined with trees and lush greenery all around, Uran is a must-visit place if you wish to find some peace of mind in earthy archaic surroundings.

Distance from City Centre: 31.3 km
Best Way to Get There:
Train: Commute via local train to Panvel and take an auto or local vehicle from there.
Things To Do In Uran Beach:

  • Photography
  • Explore the peaceful beach
  • Stroll on the beach barefoot

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