Beaches In Puri: The Ultimate Guide To The 5 Best Beaches In Puri

Puri, locally known as Sri Kshetra, is one of the finest heritage cities in India. Vibrant and enticing, the city is a municipality in the state of Odisha and is located on the east coast of India. The temple town is known for the opulent Jagannatha Temple situated in the city. It is not unheard of that 13 major festivals of India are held in this temple and are attended by millions of people across the country. By the end of the 12th century, Puri came to be called as ‘Sri Jagannatha Dhama’.

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Trivia: Puri, that came to be called as Sri Jagannatha Dhama, is also one of the honored Char Dham Yatra (pilgrimage) sites for Hindus.

Things To Bring Back: Local Handicrafts

List Of Five Most Impressive Beaches In Puri

Beaches In PuriDistance From City
Puri Beach (Golden Beach)3.2 Kms
Balighai Beach16.7 Kms
Beleswar Beach17 Kms
Swargadwar Beach3.9 Kms
Chandrabhaga Sea Beach30 Kms

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Beaches In Puri

1. Puri Beach (Golden Beach)

Puri Beach

Home to the annual Puri Beach festival, the Puri Beach is one of the most sensational beaches in Puri. The beach is situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and offers a unique opportunity to the visitors to treat their eyes to the striking sunrise and sunset views. An ideal choice for surfing enthusiasts, this beach is a holy place for innumerable devotees flocking around for a ‘purification dip’ in its waters. The place is clean and pristine making it perfect destination for a quiet and relaxed sunbath.

Why Visit Puri Beach ?

The Puri beach comprises of sand sculptures, created by internationally recognized local artist named Sudarsan Pattnaik. Inspired by sculptures covering contemporary events and mythology, the creations of the artist make the beach one of the most renowned places to visit in Puri. A fishing village is also located along the coast and has dozens of boats made of solid trunk.

Distance From The City: 3.2 Km

Things To Do At Puri Beach:

  • Ride in a boat to watch the sunset
  • Marvel at the impressive sand sculptures
  • Surfing

2. Balighai Beach – Astounding Beach in Puri

Balighai Beach

At the mouth of the Nuanai river in Puri is an astounding beach, Balighai, which is a special attraction of the temple town. The long stretch of golden sand and the casuarina trees at the beach are a delight for the nature lovers. And Oh, How refreshing it is to feel the breeze touch your skin! During the months of December and January, the visitors can get to witness the adorable Olive Ridley turtles laying in the sand. What’s more? Prepare to treat your eyes with the arresting view of migratory birds taking a flight in the air.

Why Visit Balighai Beach ?

The Balighai beach is situated close to the Sea Turtle Research Centre. The centre offers winning insights into the local aquamarine life to the spectators. Moreover, the nearby Balihirana Deer Sanctuary allows one to witness the play of endangered species, such as the Balihirana antelopes and the Indian black bucks.

Distance From The City: 16.7 Km

Things To Do At Balighai Beach:

  • Water Skiing
  • Parasailing Activities
  • Boat Rides

3. Beleswar Beach – Popular Beach in Puri

Beleswar Beach

Featuring a calm stream of water, the Beleswar Beach is one of the most popular sites of Puri. It is situated close to the Puri Konark Marine Drive Road and is well-known for the scenic beauty that it renders. The beach is cloaked in greens and covered with silvery sand, well-witnessed from October to March. The Beleswar beach attracts numerous tourists towards its eye-pleasing beauty. Believe it or not, the captivating sunrise and the sunset views from this beach are absolutely to-die-for.

Why Visit Beleswar Beach?

The beach holds religious significance for the followers of Lord Shiva. Going a step forward from the usual water sports, the beach is best to explore with your loved ones. Quiet and tranquil, it also offers many lovely couples an opportunity to set up bivouac or wooden poles for a romantic date night.

Distance From The City: 17 Km

Things To Do At Beleswar Beach:

  • Soothing Sunbath
  • Swimming
  • Water Sports

4. Swargadwar Beach – Attractive Beach in Puri

Swargadwar Beach

Popularly known as the ‘Mahanadi’, the Swargadwar Beach is believed to be a doorway to heaven for the Hindu pilgrims. The exclusivity of this place can be attributed to not only the religious significance it holds, but also the alluring scenic beauty. The breeze carries with it the smell of ocean waters, waving off your lassitude in seconds. Moreover, the stunning views and warm atmosphere of this place makes it one of the most attractive beaches in Puri for the tourists.

Why Visit Swargadwar Beach?

The Swargadwar beach is known to be the bathing place of Sri Chaitanya Dev and his devotees. It is believed that he attained the state of Lord Brahma due to his divine soul.

Distance From The City: 3.9 Km

Things To Do At Swargadwar Beach:

  • Swimming
  • Lay a mat or a bedsheet over the sand to enjoy the scenic beauty

5. Chandrabhaga Sea Beach – Exotic Beach in Puri

Chandrabhaga Sea Beach

Chandrabhaga Sea Beach is one of the most exotic beaches along the eastern coast of India. Known as the place of the ‘Rising Sun’, the beach holds great significance in the cultural identity of Orissa. It is equipped with high-standard facilities for the visitors and is considered an extremely eco-friendly location. Moreover, it has also attained a Blue Flag Certification for the nature-friendly approach that it follows.

Why Visit Chandrabhaga Sea Beach?

Chandrabhaga beach is mostly favored for the religious significance that it holds. A hunting ground for poets, artists, and lovers, the essence of the beach melts away all the tiredness of people.

Distance From The City: 30 Km

Things To Do At Chandrabhaga Sea Beach:

  • Attend Chandrabhaga Mela, organized to honor Lord Surya
  • Relish the beauty of the Lighthouse located nearby

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