Your 20s are without a doubt the best years to experiment with your skin and try new things. You’ve (hopefully) survived the teenage acne onslaught and still have a long time before skin ageing occurs. But, did you know that your 20s are the also when you can set beauty habits for life? Today’s habits will reflect on your skin in your 30s and 40s. So, we give you some beauty habits – skincare and otherwise – that you ought to inculcate in your routine now.

Work Out A Skin Regimen – And Stick To It

Like we said, this is the best time to experiment. Try new products, do some research and visit a dermatologist to work out a skincare routine that works for you. As much as we hope you’ve got the CTM in place, but if not, go on a rampage looking for the right cleanser, toner and moisturizer for your skin type. Also, never forget to exfoliate.2586

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Bonus Tip – Even if you have a routine that you’re happy with, formulations are always improving and you should still experiment in hopes of bumping into something better.

Invest In An Eye Cream

When it comes to wrinkles, prevention is better than cure. So, while you don’t have fine lines to deal with right now, they’re going to show up in your 30s and preventative measures should be taken now. Invest in and be diligent with using a quality eye cream to keep the skin around your eyes moisturized. Make this a nightly habit to avoid fine lines and crow’s feet.


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Never Forget Sunscreen 

Whatever you do, never leave your house without sunscreen slathered over your face. Even if it’s a cloudy day or you’re going to spend no time in the sun, you need to use sunscreen. Sun rays, particularly UV rays, cause dark spots, early ageing and even skin cancer. It will also make your skin appear dull. Avoid such a scenario by using a sunscreen that suits your skin type. Look for SPF 50 and non-oily formulations for a lightweight application that lasts all day.


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Pay Attention To Your Feet

Notice rough skin on your feet, particularly around your heels? With passing years, these are going to turn into well-defined cracks that may also bleed. Start paying heed to your feet by buying yourself some foot scrubs. You can also DIY with baby oil and sugar/salt by massaging your feet in circular motions. It’s also a good idea to remove dead skin and calluses with a pumice stone regularly.


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And Your Nails

Unkempt and unclean nails are a hotbed for bacteria and other germs that will cause diseases and also make your nails look unsightly. Buy yourself a complete nail care kit. Regularly trim, smoothen out rough edges, take care of ingrowth and moisturize. Applying almond oil to your nails will keep them healthy and strong.


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Get A Signature Scent

Your fragrance is an extension of you and speaks oodles about your personality. In such a case, finding a signature scent or even two is a good idea. Experiment and find out whether you’re a musky or floral or fruity kind of girl and stick to the scent. You can opt for classics like the Chanel No. 5 or a classy yet budget friendly Calvin Klein perfume like the ever popular Eternity. Either way, it’ll announce your arrival in style and that’s what it’s all about.


Eat A Skin Friendly Diet

Yup, there exists a skin friendly diet and most of us miss out due to lack of awareness. Consume foods with omega 3 fatty acids like fish, foods and drinks containing antioxidants like green vegetables, green tea and fresh herbs like rosemary which will make your skin glow naturally. The best part is that the occasional dark chocolate and glass of red wine also contribute to healthy, youthful skin. Start eating right now and you will have good skin and health for years to come. foods-for-healthy-skin_w21n

Develop these habits and you’re sure to sail through your twenties and reap the benefits later.

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