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Behrouz Biryani Partnered With The Viral Fever & Chef Kunal Kapoor

India’s largest Biryani brand, Behrouz Biryani has collaborated with The Viral Fever and Chef Kunal Kapoor. The purpose of the association is to launch a show named ‘The Royal Palate’ that will feature culinary gems from royal kitchens across India. Hosted by Chef Kunal Kapoor, the show will give insights into India’s regal culinary heritage. It will also allow millennials to discover food while talking about the origins of delicacies like halwa and laal maas, as discussed by the members of the royal families themselves. Apart from covering celebrity chefs like Sara Todd, the show will also feature choreographer Melvin Louis and actors like Barkha Singh.

Sagar Kochhar, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Rebel Foods stated that ‘The Royal Palate is an extension of experiences, where we explore long lost royal recipes that hail from different parts of the country, to keep them alive. Feverish virality helps take these stories to the right audiences and build conversations around strong content, one of the strongest reasons we associated with The Viral Fever.’ The series is scheduled to stream on TVFPlay and The Timeliners from 16th May, every Thursday.



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