Jasmine is a flower that blooms at night and has a soothing, warm and exotic smell. The essence of the flower is known to boost self-confidence and balance the feminine energy in the body. This delicate flower has been used since ages for building romance and attraction. It takes a huge number of flowers to prepare jasmine oil and it is therefore expensive and most sought after.

Benefits of Jasmine Oil

Health Benefits of Jasmine Oil

Soothes the mind

Jasmine is mostly used in teas to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Jasmine Oil when used in aromatherapy uplifts and energizes your mood by stimulating the nervous system. It also promotes a restful sleep.

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Relieves sore muscles

Jasmine Oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties due to the presence of Linalool, an alcoholic chemical present in the flowers. You can either take a warm bath by infusing Jasmine oil or mix a few drops of it to olive oil and massage in the sore area.

Helps with menopausal symptoms

With menopause, come dreadful issues like mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. Jasmine oil can aid with these symptoms. Simply add it to your bath or combine it with other essential oils like rose, germanium, lavender, some almond and evening primrose oil for a soothing massage.

Aids with labor pain

Massaging the lower back with Jasmine oil stimulates the release of endorphins to help with the first stages of labor pain.

Clears nasal congestion

Jasmine oil helps getting rid of cold by clearing out accumulation of phlegm. It also helps in reducing snoring.

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Skin Benefits of Jasmine Oil

Clears scars

Jasmine oil fades scars left by boils and acne due to the presence of cicatrizant. It also fades stretch marks. You can also use lavender oil to clear scars. There are many benefits of lavender oil for your skin

Provides a glowing skin

Using Jasmine oil gives you soft and glowing skin, enhances skin elasticity, soothes dry and sensitive skin. You can either add a few drops to your face wash or lotion. You can also massage a few drops of jasmine oil with some coconut oil and wash off with water.

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Hair Benefits of Jasmine Oil

Healthy hair

Massaging Jasmine oil onto your scalp moisturizes the scalp and prevents dryness. You can use it combined with coconut oil to strengthen roots and avoid breakage. It also helps fight microbial infections that may happen in the scalp.

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Ways of Using Jasmine Oil

  • Soak it in cotton balls and place it in your air vents
  • Apply it as a perfume
  • Use it in diffusers for a long-lasting smell in the room

Complimentary oils that blend well with Jasmine Oil

Coconut, FrankincenseSandalwood, Lemongrass, Geranium, Rose, Spearmint and Bergamot


  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using Jasmine Oil or use it with medical guidance
  • Oral use is not recommended
  • People with highly sensitive skin should avoid its use

Popular Brands for Jasmine Hair and Essential Oil

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