Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that acts as a potent antioxidant to benefit your health, skin and hair. Vitamin E fights free radicals to protect your body from damage and diseases. It is found naturally in food products like nuts, seeds, oils, seafood and vegetables.

Vitamin E is also available in the form of supplementary capsules. These capsules are enriched with eight different nutrients that are essential for your skin’s health. You can derive Vitamin E oil for face from these capsules and apply it directly on the skin’s surface.  It can also be combined with other ingredients including olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, rosewater, yoghurt and lemon juice to form a mask.

Benefits Of Applying Vitamin E Capsule On Face

1. Slows Signs Of Ageing, Wrinkles And Pigmentation

The skin of your face produces free radicals when exposed to UV light, smoke and pollution. These radicals can damage the skin cells to stimulate wrinkles and dark spots. Vitamin E has the ability to fight these free radicals to neutralise their effects and protect your skin from further damage.

2. Provides UV Protection

Vitamin E is capable of absorbing ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can cause sunburns and skin ageing. Combined with sunscreen, Vitamin E can act as a shield against the damage from UV rays.

3. Hydrates The Skin

Vitamin E replenishes the moisture lost by the skin when exposed to the Sun. It also protects the cell membranes to keep them hydrated and supple.

4. Treats Dry Skin

The moisturising properties of Vitamin E help eradicate dryness on the face, especially during winters. It also heals itchy, rough and tight skin while conditioning and calming it.

5. Brightens The Skin

Vitamin E is a source of generating and renewing cells in the body thereby, resulting in brightening and glowing of dull and lifeless skin.

6. Heals Scars And Stretch Marks

Free radicals can lower the rate at which damaged tissue is healed. Vitamin E reduces the effects of these radicals to repair and smoothen acne scars and stretch marks. You can do so by applying undiluted oil from Vitamin E capsule on face overnight.

7. Treats Chapped Lips

Vitamin E oil works as a moisturiser for smooth, soft and supple lips. It can even add a natural glow and colour to dark lips.

How To Apply Vitamin E Capsule On Face

Vitamin E capsules can be burst open and the contents can be massaged gently on the skin. You can also mix it with coconut oil and apply on your face. Additionally, you can also make face masks by mixing vitamin E oil with yoghurt, lemon and honey.

You can actively protect and nourish your skin by incorporating Vitamin E rich foods into your diet or applying its oil as a beauty treatment. This powerhouse of health benefits not just regulates the blood flow and strengthens the immune system but also keeps your skin glowing. You can opt for this supplement to fade scars, fight wrinkles, brighten the skin and so much more.

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