Pollution, stress, smoke, unhealthy diets, chemicals, and so much more! Our skin is constantly striving through countless factors to stay healthy. However, all it actually needs is nutrients to keep it glowing. Vitamin E is a powerhouse of natural components that act as antioxidants to protect your skin from damage while keeping it nourished and bright.

Vitamin E can be consumed in adequate amounts by incorporating nuts, seeds, some oils, vegetables and seafood into your daily diets. Some people even opt for vitamin oil and capsules for external use to achieve young and damage-free skin.

Vitamin E Benefits For Skin

 1. Hydrates And Calms The Skin

The moisturizing effects of vitamin E keep your skin supple and hydrated. Vitamin E also acts as a protective shield in the cell membrane to lock in moisture and keep your skin healthy. The anti-inflammatory nature of vitamin E fights red, itchy and irritated skin while soothing and calming it.

2. Fights UV Rays

Ultraviolent rays can cause sunburns and symptoms of skin aging including wrinkles and pigmentation. Vitamin E absorbs these UV rays and acts as a protective layer against sun damage when combined with a sunscreen.

3. Reduces Wrinkles And Hyperpigmentation

Sun exposure can produce free radicals in your skin that circulate across the body causing damage to the cells. Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are the most common results of excessive sun damage. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to fight these free radicals to reverse their effects and protect your skin from further damage.

4. Brightens The Skin

Vitamin E not only generates and renews cells in the body but also ensures proper circulation of blood flow. Together, this results in the brightening of dull and lifeless skin.

5. Lightens Dark Spots

Excessive hyperpigmentation can cause dark spots on the skin. Vitamin E reduces the effects of free radical damage to fade out dark spots and even out discoloration.

6. Cleanses The Skin

Vitamin E acts as a heavy emollient to remove impurities from the skin while maintaining the oil balance. This helps cleanse out dirt and grim from your skin to make it look fresh and appealing.

7. Heals Scars And Marks

Free radicals slow down the healing process of damaged tissues in wounds and scars. Vitamin E fights these free radicals to improve the rate of healing to repair and smoothen scars and other marks.

Vitamin E is well-known for its skin care properties. From calming your skin to healing it, vitamin E has risen as a major part of beauty treatment regimes. You can imbibe this nutrient into your body by opting for a healthy diet, applying the vitamin externally as masks or picking cosmetic products fortified with vitamin E.

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