Losing Weight can be a serious challenge as when things are not going well, stress piles up and make you worried about your future. This can trigger insecurity for basic things in the coming days and can lead to not eating right which will increase your weight even more. Besan called gram flour or chickpeas in English is 38% protein and 20% carbs which makes it a perfect option for losing weight. It is a much better option than regular flour and is also very delicious.

According to nutritionist Julie Upton, chickpea is a multitasking food. Chickpeas help to prevent hunger and keep cravings in check because they contain protein that is slow to digest. Science agrees too. A study published in Appetite” journal showed that regularly eating chickpeas helped the participants of the study to consume less faty food and more low fibre foods.

Here are all the health benefits of besan for weight loss.

Benefits of Besan for weight loss

1. Good for heart

it has a high content of soluble fibre which makes it good for promoting heart health. A healthy heart is instrumental in maintaining a healthy body.

2. Lowers risk of diabetes

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of obesity. Besan, being low on the glycemic index, controls diabetes and helps maintain the disease.

3. Lowers bad cholesterol

Besan helps remove pressure from the heart by reducing bad cholesterol. The healthy saturated fats also help the body maintain a healthy weight.

4. Helps in faster calories burn

Besan boosts the metabolism and helps the body burn calories faster. It is thus a great alternative to other flours and should be consumed every day.

5. Helps regulate appetite

Besan helps the body release serotonin which helps uplift the mood and regulate appetite. So, you avoid binge eating and consequent weight gain.

Ways to Use Besan for Weight loss

  • Make Besan Cheela aka spiced gram pancakes as it is high in nutrition and low on calories
  • Use besan to make rotis instead of regular flour
  • Drink besan mixed in lukewarm water to boost metabolism

Expert Tips to Use Besan for Weight Loss

  • You can bake besan bread to avoid gluten
  • Besan can also be used to bake healthy cookies
  • If taken in excess, besan can cause gas and flatulence
  • It can also cause diarrhoea and stomach pain

For natural besan, you can dry and grind chickpeas at home

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