Is 1 Ton AC Suitable for You?

Basically, 1 ton AC is best suited for small bedrooms or living rooms up to 115 sq ft. In case if your room size is bigger than 115 sq ft. or situated above the 2nd floor with direct sunlight through windows then you should opt for 1.5 Ton Split AC.

Before buying a 1 Ton AC, you should be aware of important factors like Condenser details, Star rating and Quality of filters. Read about all these factors in detail here.

List of Best 1 Ton AC Brands

1.Voltas Air Conditioners

best ac brands 1 ton voltas
  • Types – It is available in 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC, Inverter Split AC. Read about all types of AC in detail.
  • Condenser –1 ton Voltas AC are mostly equipped with Aluminium Condenser as these are mostly installed in small sized rooms. Voltas 1 ton Air Conditioners Condensers comes with Blue Hydrophilic Aluminium with Copper tubes which last longer than the normal ones.
  • Features – All Voltas 1 Ton Air Conditioners come with Anti-Bacteria Filter, catalyst filter, Nano Silver filter, Self-diagnosis system which helps in removing invisible particles, bacteria and hazardous smoke. Its noise level is less than 40dB which makes it a practical noise free appliance when compared to ACs from other brands.
  • Controls – It comes with a LED display panel, Auto Restart, sleep mode, Dehumidification, child lock and moreover the remote comes with Nightglow button for easy operation during night time.
  • Where to buy– It is available at both Online and Offline stores starting from a range of Rs 22,000 only.

2.Sansui Air Conditioners

  • Price– This is one of the cheapest brands in this 1 Ton AC Segment.
  • Types– It is available in 2 Varieties: Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– It is equipped with Aluminium Condenser with Blue Fins which helps protect it from basic corrosion.
  • Features– It comes with an Activated carbon filter, Auto-Clean function and Silver Ion filter which helps in removing the small particles, bacteria, harmful smoke and pet hairs. The auto clean feature helps in keeping less load on the compressor and lasts longer.
  • Controls– Other controls like LED Display, Auto Restart, Sleep mode, Dehumidification, Child lock etc.
  • Where to buy– It is a Flipkart exclusive product and you can buy it online starting from a price range of Rs 19,000 only.

3.LG Air Conditioners

  • Types– It has 2 Variants: Split AC and Window AC.
  • Condenser– LG has the best in class Aluminium Condenser for 1 Ton split AC which comes with Anti-rust Coating which is immune to corrosion. LG Split AC condensers come with 10yrs warranty whereas other brands have a 5yrs warranty period.
  • Features– It has double filtration process that removes micro phobic particles, Himalaya cool technology which gives instant cooling better than Turbo Cooling feature, Auto Clean feature helps you remove bacteria at all times.
  • Controls– It is equipped with E-Saver mode which helps in consuming lower power and gives perfect temperature. Other basic controls like Timer, Sleep mode, child lock, Dehumidification are also present. Moreover, the remote comes with night glow buttons which help during night time.
  • Where to buy– It is available at both online and offline stores starting from a price range of Rs 21,000 only.

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4.Hitachi Air Conditioners

  • Types– It comes in 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– This brand comes with Copper Condenser in the Top AC Brands under 1 Ton. It has an inbuilt Koukin filter which prevents it from rust and corrosion.
  • Features– It is equipped with a wide range of new features such as 4 Way Air Swing, Auto Cleaning Feature which prevents bacteria growth, hazardous smoke, dust particles and animal hairs. The 4-way air swing helps you achieve steady air flow rate in all directions.
  • Controls– It has an auto humidity control which helps in keeping the room cool, controls like power saver mode to decrease electricity consumption when ac is idle, Turbo mode for high cooling, silent cooling mode and child lock.
  • Where to buy– Some top models are only available through Amazon and Flipkart. The AC price range starts from Rs 25,000.

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5.Carrier Air Conditioners

  • Types– It comes in 3 different variants: Window AC, Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– It is equipped with copper condenser coil which makes this AC efficient and durable. It is also protected with five layers of anti-corrosive coating which prevents it from corrosion. But you will get only 4 years warranty for the compressor which is comparatively lesser than other brands.
  • Features– It comes with NexGen Dehumidifier which helps in decreasing the humidity in the air in less than 10 minutes. It is protected with I-PM 2.5 filter which helps remove the invisible dust particles and bacteria which are present in the air.
  • Controls–It comes with one of the best controls in terms of detecting any leakage, power failure etc. The AC will be automatically turned off and the error code will be shown on the LED display. Other basic features like Turbo Mode, Child Lock and timer are also present.
  • Where to buy– It is available at both online and offline stores starting from a price range of Rs 25,000 only.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying

Copper or Aluminium Condenser – These are the 2 types of condensers which are found in all ACs. Aluminium Coils don’t last for longer periods of time due to corrosion, while copper condensers are costlier but also easier to repair. Before you go ahead and buy any type of condenser make sure it is coated with Anti-Corrosion which can prevent rust formation and increase the lifetime of the condenser.

Star Rating – It is calculated with the help of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). Higher ratings will give you higher cooling efficiency and less power consumption. For Inverter ACs you won’t find any star ratings because they are energy efficient.

Dust Filters – It is one of the main features worth considering when comes to buying a split AC. Choose an AC which has Dust filter and Anti-Bacteria Filters to avoid illness especially in homes where older people reside or suffer from an eye infection. Read the complete AC buying guide here!

FAQ – 1 Ton ACs

Q: Is it necessary to run air conditioner every 10 days when it is not in use?

A: No it is not necessary to run the AC every 10 days if your Outdoor Unit is covered with a cover to prevent dust particles from settling.

Q: What is the use of the AI mode in an LG Air Conditioner?

A: AI means Artificial Intelligence mode that is inbuilt in the AC which adjusts the temperature automatically according to your room.

Q: Why do air conditioners require to be filled with gas mostly every year?

A: It depends upon the type of AC, Star Rating and your usage. ACs with lower star rating requires a high amount of energy and also people who use the AC for more than 15hrs per day need to fill the gas almost every year.

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