10 Best Acetate Frames Brands – Complete Guide With Price Range

10 Best Acetate Frames Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Let us clear the air and give you readers a piece of information about the acetate frames. It is the most suitable alternative to the generic plastic variant. When you wear it, it feels good, and you immediately feel the difference between the plastic and acetate frame. Also, they are beautifully transparent and are available in all the rainbow colors. So, it is time that you accept the acetate frame with all the advantages that it has to offer.

Below is the list of 10 best acetate frames brands.

1. Gucci Acetate Frames

Gucci is a luxury brand of fashion and leather goods founded in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci in the year 1921. Gucci is one of the best when it comes to style. The Gucci acetate frames evoke the nuances of fashion. They are not trendy concerning following the wave rather they set the trend for others to follow. They have a sophisticated look and are made from the highest quality material. The price range is between INR 13,189 to 31,359.

2. Jimmy Choo Acetate Frames

Jimmy Choo Ltd. is a British high fashion designing house specializing in shoes, handbags, accessories, and fragrances. The company was founded in the year 1996 by Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon in London, United Kingdom. The eyeglasses with the brighter shades of color and larger frames are a head turner at every corner. Excellent fit and elegant design make them more appealing. The price range is between INR 10,606 to 23,087.

3. Nike Acetate Frames

Nike Inc. is an American company. It is a multinational company and has various products from apparels to fragrances all over the world was established by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. They offer great design for optical frame products and are lightweight which makes them comfortable to wear all day long. They also provide durability so lasts long. The price range is between INR 4,737 to 18,111.

4. Ray-Ban Acetate Frames

Ray-Ban is an Italian Brand making eyewear established by the American company Bausch and Lomb in the year 1937. In 1999 the brand was sold by Bausch and Lomb to Italian eyewear conglomerate, Luxottica Group. Ray-Ban not only provides high-quality acetate frames and lenses, but their eyewear is also fashionable as well as functional as they protect from harmful glare from electrical appliances. They are used by the by the public all around the globe. Thus, it would not be wrong to state that Ray-Ban has become one of the largest eyewear brands. The average price range for its products is from INR 1,553 to 53,891.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Acetate Frames

Tommy Hilfiger is American apparel, footwear, accessories manufacturing company formerly known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and Tommy Hilfiger Inc. founded in the year 1985. The brand offer premium styling, quality products, and value for money to customers worldwide. The products are sturdy and offer excellent protection from Blue rays or glares of the sun or any digital appliances while providing products that are quite dated. Average price range for the products is from INR 5,890 to 18,699.

6. Oakley Acetate Frames

Oakley is the subsidiary company of an Italian company, Luxottica from Milan, Italy. Oakley was established in Lake Forest, California. Blue light testing shows that the glasses can protect more than 90% blue light to reduce the harm caused due to exposure. The frames are also sturdy and do not break easily, and so they last  long. They use hydrophobic focal point innovation the eyewear, so there is no chance for water or sweat accumulation. The average price range for its products is from INR 1,101 to 62,199.

7. TAG Heuer Acetate Frames

TAG Heuer is a Swiss luxury goods manufacturing company founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860, Saint-Imier, Switzerland.  Tag Heuer Eyeglasses are itself a status symbol given recognition by different celebrities and sportspersons. The unique design and lightweight materials used make them trendy as well as comfortable. Protection of the eyes is of great concern, and the glare from the sun and other digital devices are also taken into consideration making them great for eye protection. The average price is between INR 20,610 to 36,729.

8. Fossil Acetate Frames

Fossil  Group Inc. founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis in Richardson, Texas. The brand includes many different products like eyewear, watches, wallets, bags belts, fragrances, etc. It brings the most exceptional products as per the trend. It keeps modifying its products according to the fashion trends in the market.  Although it is a luxury brand still caters to the upper middle classes and upper classes. It can reach its wide range of customers with the help of its outlets spread across the globe. The average price range of its products is from INR 5,400 to 8,400.

9. Rodenstock Acetate Frames

Rodenstock is a German eyewear manufacturing company, established in 1877 in Munich. They have a wide range and varied collection of frames and lenses to fit the needs of each individual customers and innovative designs. They have the perfect fit to provide maximum comfort and durability. The products are a masterpiece of the German way of innovation and provide better quality vision and long lasting. Average price range for the products is from INR 8,777 to 16,077.

10. Vogue Acetate Frames

Vogue eyewear was launched under the same name as the famous fashion magazine Vogue in the year 1973 and later acquired by Luxottica in the year 1990. They provide fashionable products at very affordable prices as well as quality products. They not only fit properly to give comfort and ease but also provide correct alignment of the pupils to the optical center of the lens to provide correct vision. Average price range for the products is from INR 2,500 to 6,690.


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