Best Ankle Weights Brands

There are a number of equipments in the gym but a little bit of extra weight helps in forming muscles better and tends to make the limbs stronger as well. Angle weights are just right for this purpose as they help in building greater resistance and eventually helps in burning more calories. Here are some of the most ankle weights available in the market today and they are listed with their expected price to help you choose better.

Here are the Best Brands for Ankle Weights:

1. Best Fitsy Ankle Weights

Fitsy weights are one of the best in the industry. The weights are available in varied denominations up to a kilo. They come with special strap- ons to help the weights attach to the ankle snugly and help in providing the resistance needed for proper exercising to strengthen the legs. They are available for a price of Rs 799 to Rs 1200

2. Best JoyFit Ankle Weights

Joyfit ankle weights come with adjustable straps to help sit properly on the ankles during any kind of rigorous exercises like cycling. The weights come in a number of denominations and they are a standard used in almost all gyms that help in build stamina and endurance. They are available for a price range between Rs 799 to Rs 1000.

3. Best USI Ankle Weights

USI ankle weights come in a smooth and compact pouch and also have a trendy design that looks wonderful with a stylish gym wear. They are used by almost everyone who want to tone and strengthen the legs and calf muscles and they are also come with adjustable straps to facilitate rigorous activity. Priced at around Rs 800, they are quite affordable.

4. Best Cosco Ankle Weights

Cosco is one of the premium names in gym wear and gym equipments and they have brought some unique ankle weights that provide the required resistance to the legs but are not bulky at all. Stylized in a sleek and comfortable manner, the weights are made to stay on even if the users are engaged in heavy exercises. They can be availed for a price of around Rs 450 to Rs 1050.

5. Best Aurion Ankle Weights

Aurion is a premium brand meant specifically for all kinds of equipments and they are one of a kind. They have a very unique design for the ankle weights that makes them very snug and the users hardly feel an extra contraption attached to the legs. The weights are priced around a range of Rs 499 to Rs 1100.

6. Best Cockatoo Ankle Weights

Cockatoo weights are designed in a very specific manner that has been brought to the users after a lot of testing. One can find a number of denominations of weights with the brand and choose accordingly. The weights are also available in some striking colors and can be availed for a price of Rs 650 to Rs 1450.

7. Best Kobo Ankle Weights

One of the best brands in the market today, Kobo has been one of the first brands to make the weights widely available to the general public with their unique designs for the weights. The straps of the weights are made especially to long really long so that the wearer does not have any problem with prolonged usage. They are modestly priced around Rs 700 to Rs 1100.

8. Best Nivia Ankle Weights

Nivia weights are available in a striking blue color which looks very stylish and the weights are extremely versatile and can be attached to the arms as well. They really in help in forming muscles and to increase stamina and they are available around a price of Rs 418 to Rs 750.

9. Best Star Unisex Tetron Ankle Weights

The weights can be used by both men and women and have been designed accordingly. The design looks great on users of either gender and they fit properly on both the body types, which makes them truly versatile. One can have them at a price range of Rs 400 to Rs 850.

10. Best Reebok Ankle Weights

Reebok ankle weights are one of a kind and perhaps the most recommended by the fitness experts because of their precision of balance in the weights that helps in perfect exercising and toning of the muscles. They are also some of the most stylish of the lot and are priced around Rs 1399 to Rs 2800 for a pair.

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