Best Antibacterial Wipes for Yourself and Your Home

Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes easily and efficiently remove germs from surfaces and your skin. Since washing your hands at frequent intervals might not always be possible, it is essential to keep antibacterial wipes with yourself. While some wipes are multi-purpose, some are directed for use only on your skin or on various other surfaces. These pre-moistened towels make cleaning and disinfecting an easy task.

Top 5 Antibacterial Wipes

1. Savlon Germ Protection Wet Wipes

These multi-purpose wet wipes can be used on all skin types as well as surfaces. With a skin-friendly pH, these fragrant wet wipes provide freshness as well as effective protection against germs, dust, and impurities. These wipes ensure clean surfaces and hygienic surroundings at all times. They are easy to carry and hence come in handy while on the go.

Effective Germ Protection

These wet wipes provide 99.99% germ protection for extented durations and can be used on hands as well as other surfaces like keys, wallets, handles, etc.

Top Pick

2. Greenshield Anti-Bacterial Household Surface Wipes

These highly recommended wipes are perfect for cleaning and wiping household equipment and surfaces. The powerful formula effectively cuts through kitchen grease. It eliminates germs and bacteria from any surface, making it clean and safe to use.

Powerful Cleaning

It removes 95% allergens, and prevents mould and mildew growth. It has a citrusy fragrance and can be used on any hard, non-pourous surface.

Next Best

3. NEKO Germ Protection Wipes

These are large-sized wipes that can be used to disinfect your skin and household surfaces. They offer 99% protection against a wide range of germs and infections. Lid packaging ensures longer moisture retention by preventing the wipes from drying out. They can be used on surfaces like door handles, lift buttons, remote controls, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Gentle on Skin

These aloe vera enriched non-woven spun lace fabric wipes are extremely gentle on the skin.

Popular Choice

4. CeriMED Surface Disinfecting Wipes

These wipes with quat ammonia effectively kill a large number of bacteria and viruses. Free from alcohol and bleach, these wipes can be used on various types of surfaces. These pre-moistened disinfectant wipes provide 99.9% germ protection.

Advanced Formula

Developed by experts, these wipes protect against virus, bacteria, fungus and mildew. They can be used on any surface at home or in your office.

Strong Contender

5. BodyGuard Anti Bacterial Wipes

These alcohol-free wipes remove germs without drying out the skin or damaging surfaces. Enriched with aloe-vera, these dermatologically tested wipes are suitable for all skin types. They offer long-lasting protection from germs and infections.

Multi-use Wipes

These wipes can be used on hands as well as surfaces like toilet seats, toys, handbags, door knobs, faucets, mobiles, & more.

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