Best Bank E-Wallets in India 2019: Top 5 Bank E Wallets You Should Use Now!

Going cashless is a trend as much as a need in today’s time. Gone are those days where one would maintain diaries for every expenditure and payment reminder. Having a digital payment app makes life easier, keeps a track of our spends and ensures less usage of paper money. There are several apps which have gained popularity over time and banks too, keeping pace with the economy, have come up with simple digital wallets. They have some amazing features, all handy on your phone.

Best Bank e-wallets in India 2021

1. State Bank Buddy

SBI Buddy is a wallet application that brings various features for its users. The application can be accessed in 13 languages and can be used by non-SBI customers too. Users can transfer money, raise requests for owed money, pay for bills, flights, hotels, cinema and recharge. With a full KYC done, users can also upgrade and enhance their transaction limits. All that needs to be done is to simply download the app, sign in by filling up necessary details, create a sign-in pin, add money to their wallet and enjoy the benefits of SBI Buddy.

2. Citi Pay or MasterPass

With Citi Bank’s City Pay or Masterpass users can make smart payments faster. This digital wallet for your Citi cards secures your card information by sharing a unique digital card number with merchants instead of your real card number. After enrolling with the app, all your other eligible cards are linked to your Citi login which eases the hassle of typing in details of every card.

3. ICICI Pockets

ICICI Pockets is a Visa powered digital wallet which can be used to make a recharge, pay bills, send money and gifts, split bills with friends, shop and much more. The wallet also comes with a physical card which can be used to shop on websites or retail stores. To use ICICI’s digital wallet, download the app and register yourself, add funds from your ICICI bank account or other modes and make any transaction you need. You can personalize the look of the app and the physical card as well as avail exciting deals and offers.

4. HDFC Chillr

Chillr is HDFC’s mobile payment app that links directly to your bank account. With this app, you can send money instantly from your HDFC bank account to either a beneficiary or a contact in your phone book. It also allows users to recharge, pay bills, split bills, request for money and pay life insurance premiums. The app ensures high-end security by not storing passwords, authorizing transactions through an MPIN known only to the user and custom keyboards for protection against phishing attacks.

5. Axis LIME

Going cashless becomes easier with Axis bank’s LIME digital wallet. Axis bank users can keep a sum of maximum Rs. 100,000 a month and non-Axis bank users Rs. 10,000 a month. Like other wallets, you can transfer funds, shop, split bills, pay bills or open a savings account digitally. It also features money pooling, shared wallet, comparative in-app shopping, setting goals for future purchase, a piggy bank for small accumulated cash, receipt box and insight of your financial behaviour. A virtual shopping card is also available to make online purchases.

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