Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world, having travelled far outside the Americas a long time back. Since the sport involves a lot of running and jumps, the shoes should be extra comfortable and should be able to enhance the quality of the game. There are a number of brands out there which sell premium basketball shoes and can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one. Here is a list with their prices which will help you make the right choice.

Here is the list of best brands for Basketball Shoes

1. Best Li- Ning Basketball Shoes

One of the best basketball shoe makers, this Chinese brand makes high quality shoes at affordable prices, which are very good for the beginners. The shoes have interesting color and designs which are much liked by the young crowd. The shoes are made from lightweight mesh and they have a sturdy sole for maximum support. The shoes are priced between Rs 2300 and Rs 5600 approximately.

2. Best Nike Basketball Shoes

Nike has been a game changer in the world of football gear and it has also provided the best when it comes to sports shoes. Basketball shoes from the brand are worn by some of the top names in the world and their special design fits seamlessly with the wearer, making their game super comfortable. The shoes can be availed from around Rs 3200 and can go up to Rs 18,990. The Air Mac and Air Precision variants are must buy.

3. Best Jordan Basketball Shoes

Jordan basketball shoes are a specialized brand and they are one of the best in the industry. The shoes are made with mesh nylon and silicon and they are half the weight of regular sports shoes. The soles are made extra comfortable and shock absorbent with added padding. The shoes can be availed at a price points of Rs 4500 and Rs 8400 approximately for the mid range ones.

4. Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes

One of the best basketball shoes currently in the market, this brand aims to make provide the right fit to the wearer because an ill fitting shoe often ruins the game. The shoe comes in a variety of designs and colors and the Curry 5 variant is one of the best. The shoes are priced around Rs 5500 and Rs 23000.

5. Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

Adidas makes premium basketball shoes in quite a few variants, including leather. The Hoopsta and Ilation options have a simple design but have incredible performance, making the wearer completely at ease during the sport. The shoes are mostly priced between Rs 2200 and Rs 6700. There are extra grip variants for improved surface grip.

6. Best Bacca Bucci Basketball Shoes

One of the newer brands, this shoe is fast becoming a favourite with the young basketball players of the age. The shoes are not just interestingly designed for comfort and style, but they are multipurpose shoes and can be used as regular sports shoes as well, making it a go- to option for those who do not want to experiment once they have found the perfect shoes. The shoes are priced between Rs 1900 and Rs 4500.

7. Best Peak Basketball Shoes

Peak has managed to create a niche for itself in the affordable shoes segment and they have a shoe to fit every budget, their price ranging from Rs 1300 to Rs 17,800 approximately. There are as many options in terms of design and colors, ranging from the sleeker variants to the toughly padded ones.

8. Best Nivia Basketball Shoes

Nivia basketball shoes are one of a kind and the brand has committed itself to making premim shoes for the masses, using the same technology used by the high end varieties. They believe that sports equipments should be accessible and this is reflected in their shoes. The Phantom and Heat variants are one of the best. The prices of the shoes range from about Rs 1200 to Rs 7200.

9. Best Adiso Basketball Shoes

Adiso is quite a renowned brand and their shoes are smart and funky, easy to wear and perfect for the sportsmen on the go. The heels and soles of the shoe are designed with special care for optimum functionality. The shoes are mostly priced around Rs 400 to Rs 1200, making it a very affordable choice.

10. Best Asics Basketball Shoes

Asics is a relatively new brand but has already found quite a few takers. The Lyte Nova and the GellHope V are some of the top rated products in the market today, with many basketball players clearly taken in by them. The shoes can be availed between a price of Rs 6500 and Rs 17,000 approximately.

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