Beaches In Chennai: A Quick Guide To The 10 Best Beaches In Chennai

Chennai – a hub of urban villages, diverse religions and artistic traditions. This coastal city is not just a chock-a-block but a conglomeration of luxurious hotels, quirky cafes, contemporary architecture and ultra-infectious people.

Home to heritage beaches and natural splendour, Chennai is bound to make you fall in love with its spirit. There are many places that Chennai that makes the city what it is. Be it the Kabali Temple in Mylapore or the busy shopping street in T-Nagar. But beyond all these, if there’s one thing that Chennaites can proudly say it belongs to them, it is the city’s numerous beaches. Just the vibes as you enter Beach Road in the evening will change your whole mood. Head to the city now using MakeMyTrip coupons and avail discounts on your travels and accommodation.

Why Go There? Heritage | Scenic Beauty | Adventure | Art & Culture
Ideal For: Adventure Buffs | Career Opportunities | Education | Beach Lovers | Artists
Trivia: Formerly called as Madras | 31st largest metropolitan city of the world | Home to the oldest Anglican Church in India | Has the Oldest Rocks in the World | Rajinikanth Temple
Things To Bring Back: Kanjeevaram Sari | Gold Jewellery & Silk | Mahabalipuram Artifacts | Spices

Chennai Beaches: List Of Top 10 Beaches In Chennai

Beaches in Chennai Distance from the Airport
Marina Beach 18.9 Km
Covelong Beach 38.2 Km
Elliot’s Beach 17 Km
Thiruvanmiyur Beach 18.3 Km
Neelankarai Beach 18.5 Km
Mahabalipuram Beach 56.3 Km
VGP Golden Beach 56.3 Km
Santhome Beach 20.4 Km
Pebble Beach 21.8 Km
Breezy Beach 14 Km


A Quick Guide To The Best Beaches In Chennai

1. Marina Beach – Popular Beach in Chennai

Marina Beach

The stunning Marina beach boasts of the white sand and azure blue waters. The crisp air rejuvenates your soul from within when you are at the Marina Beach. It is the world’s second largest urban beach which stretches up to a distance of 13 Km.

A hot spot for visitors, Marina Beach also offers a dose of history. Home to the historic landmarks MGR and Anna Memorial, the beach is perfect for travel enthusiasts and history buffs. The lighthouse is another attraction that you must visit when at Marina Beach. You can also savour authentic South Indian delicacies while sipping some fresh coconut water.

Distance From The Airport: 18.9 Km

Things To Do At Marina Beach:

  • Visit the nearby statues (Annie Besant Statue, George Uglow Pope statue and more)
  • Stroll at the 14 landscaped galleries
  • Take a horse ride by the beach
  • Go shopping at the Rahman Plaza
  • Seek blessings at the Sri Parthasarathy Temple

2. Covelong Beach – Picturesque Beach in Chennai

Covelong Beach

Looking for some adrenaline rush in Chennai? If yes, then head to the picturesque rocky beach of Covelong (also known as Kovalam). Located along the Eastern coast, this sweeping beach is also encompassed by small rocky terrains.

Dive into the pool of adventure when you are at the Covelong Beach. If you are an earnest lover of water sports, then don’t forget to try surfing. You can also enjoy fishing at Covelong beach. Doesn’t it sound interesting? When at Covelong, you can definitely rediscover your adventurous self.

Distance From The Airport:  38.2 Km

Things To Do At Covelong Beach:

  • Visit the Madras Crocodile Bank
  • Visit the holy Nitya Kalyana Perumal Temple
  • Go for diving at Dive Chennai
  • Experience the mysterious magic of Dutch ruins at Old Church Ruins

3. Elliot’s Beach – Famous Beach in Chennai

Elliot’s Beach

Experience the swankiest neighborhood a.k.a. Besant Nagar in Chennai. Elliot’s Beach is also known as the Besant Nagar Beach that garners the largest crowd in Chennai. The beach offers one of the cleanest vicinities of the all the beaches in Chennai.

Outlined with numerous contemporary cafes, a café hopping escapade is surely on the cards for the visitors here. Take a stroll at the beach while gazing at the beautiful sun setting into the sky.

Distance From The Airport:  17 Km

Things To Do At Elliot’s Beach:

  • Enjoy the South street food
  • Visit the Kalakshetra Foundation
  • Heal yourself at the Annai Velankanni Church
  • Go library hopping
  • Ride a bicycle in the morning

4. Thiruvanmiyur Beach – Tranquil Beach in Chennai

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Rejuvenate yourself from the everyday stress of life at Thiruvanmiyur Beach. Offering a tranquil ambience, crisp air and breath-taking views, Thiruvanmiyur beach must be on your bucket list when travelling to Chennai.

Gaze at the never-ending sea while relishing some lip-smacking street food. The humongous sun rising above the sea, while emitting beaming sunrays makes for a heavenly site. Unwind yourself at this isolated land of relaxation when visiting Chennai.

Distance From The Airport:  18.3 Km

Things To Do At Thiruvanmiyur Beach:

  • Go temple hopping
  • Experience the fun-filled water rides at VGP Universal Kingdom
  • Cook with SundariKrishna and savour fine delicacies
  • Visit the Panch Rathas
  • Relax at the Spa House

5. Neelankarai Beach – Beautiful Beach in Chennai

Neelankarai Beach

An unspoiled gem of South Chennai, Neelankarai beach is one of the virgin beaches of this coastal city. This beach in Chennai is a lone survivor that offers clean surroundings to its visitors. The shoreline is sometimes studded with little turtles walking along. You can simply take a walk or spend some quality time in nature.

Distance From The Airport:  18.5 Km

Things To Do At Neelankarai Beach:

  • Savour the special kulfi at the tiny stalls by the beach
  • Visit a nearby resort
  • Visit temples in the vicinity

6. Mahabalipuram Beach – Serene Beach in Chennai

Mahabalipuram Beach

Awaken the adventurer in you today! Visit Mahabalipuram that encompasses a various number of beaches in itself.

Mahabalipuram beach welcomes you with a wave of fresh air and some adrenaline rush. The most prominent surfing destination in India, Mahabalipuram should figure high on your checklist. Located in proximity to Chennai, Mahabalipuram is a perfect destination to rediscover the adventurist in you.

Distance From The Airport:  56.3 Km

Things To Do At Mahabalipuram Beach:

  • Find peace at the Shore Temple
  • Explore the rock carvings at Arjuna’s penance
  • Visit the Crocodile bank
  • Take a road trip to Kovalam
  • Explore the Mahishmardini Mandapa

7. VGP Golden Beach – Cleanest Beach in Chennai

VGP Golden Beach

The golden beach sounds so whimsical! Doesn’t it? Witness the glittering golden sand creating a perfect hue against the pristine blue waters of the sea.

VGP Golden Beach one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai that has now become a leisure hub for travellers. The beach is also a part of the Universal VGP Kingdom that offers thrilling adventure rides. It has also been a locale of many film shootings due to its clean and beautiful surroundings.

Distance From The Airport:  56.3 Km

Things To Do At VGP Golden Beach:

  • Seek blessings at the Marundeswarar temple
  • Savour fine delicacies at Unlock bar
  • Visit the Panch Rathas
  • Take a ride in Chennai Metro Rail
  • Read at the Anna Centenary Library
  • Enjoy adventure rides at the Universal VGP Kingdom

8. Santhome Beach – Refreshing Beach in Chennai

Santhome Beach

If you wish to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then head to Santhome beach.

This tiny beach is a perfect place to have your own space and time. Come with your friends and plan a picnic or go sporty by playing your favourite games. Watch the sun set into the colossal Bay of Bengal while the cool breeze rejuvenates your mind and soul.

Distance From The Airport:  20.4 Km

Things To Do At Santhome Beach:

  • Visit the St. Thomas English Church
  • Take a stroll at Mylapore
  • Go shopping at the Rasi Shopping Centre
  • Seek blessings at the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

9. Pebble Beach – Beautiful Beach in Chennai

 Pebble Beach

The Pebble Beach is a miniscule locale of crisp wind, fresh salt water and quaint surroundings.  It is an ideal spot for families and friends who wish to spend some quality time with each other.

The serene and peaceful vicinity of the beach helps people relax and unwind.  While strolling at the beach, do not forget to enjoy the scrumptious South and North Indian snacks.

Distance From The Airport:  21.8 Km

Things To Do At Pebble Beach:

  • Visit temples in the vicinity
  • Visit Thiruvanmiyur Beach
  • Explore VGP Universal Kingdom

10. Breezy Beach – Scenic Beach in Chennai 

Breezy Beach

When in Chennai, don’t forget to soak in the sun at Breezy Beach! Famous for its scenic beauty and tranquil surroundings, Breezy Beach a must visit for peace lovers.

Enter the beach and find green pastures by the shore that make for a beautiful sight to behold. Hear the roaring waves and feel the crisp wind that is bound to revitalize your senses. Also, do not forget to relish the lip-smacking delights at the classic roadside vendors.

Distance From The Airport:  14 Km

Things To Do At Breezy Beach:

  • Seek blessings at the Ashtalaxmi Temple
  • Visit the MGR Film city
  • Enjoy food at Flavours Food Lounge and Rathna Café

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