10 Best Blush for Oily Skin Brands- Complete Guide with Price Range

Makeup is something that has become a form of self-expression. Its centuries’ long standards have been altering slightly but are being as dormant and rigid as possible. Makeup has now been accepted by people of all genders, sexual orientation and such, and is being used for a bunch of reasons apart from sheer beautification. It is also used for plays, dramas, stage performances for actors, musicians, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand the right kind of make-up, especially as it differs distinctly for each skin type. Blush is a makeup product that helps in making any dull face brightened. However, oily or acne prone skin can be slightly unpredictable, therefore, it is essential to know which products are the right one for oily or acne-prone skin type.

Here’s a list of best blushes for oily skin-

1. Best Clinique Blush

Blush Powder Blush from Clinique Blushing is a product that suits all skin types but is especially beneficial for oily or acne prone skin type, as it is one of those products which is highly pigmented and finely-milled and allows the product to stay on the face of the person without melting or fading off. With all these properties, it becomes an easy choice of oily skinned people. It is priced at ₹6470.

2. Best Makeup Forever Blush

Sculpting Blush from the Makeup Forever brand offers a brilliantly natural finish blush that gives that gives the perfect glow. It is a powder blush and is a great pick for oily skin as it has a fine texture which enables the product to mattify their skin. This powder blush comes at a relatively cheaper price of ₹4214.

3. Best NARS Blush

NARS Blush from NARS has been awarded the accolades from various beauty enthusiasts all over the world. It has an intricate formula that is soft and sheer in nature, which makes it absolutely perfect for people with oily skin. Universally, many beauty artists own NARS Blush because of the trust and goodwill it holds with regards to its benefits for different skin types. It is highly recommended for people with oily skin and is priced at roughly ₹2874.

4. Best L’Oreal Paris Blush

L’Oreal Paris’ True Match Blush is a pretty pink blush which has a hint of shimmer. This is a powder blush. It holds a smooth texture, making it suitable for most types of skin. It is priced at a rough price of ₹750 which can be considered exceptionally cheap.

5. Best Colorbar Blush

Colorbar’s Cheek Illusion Blush is the latest creation of Colorbar. It is the type of blush that can be worn on a daily basis without making it look extremely cakey or powdery. It blends in smoothly on the skin of the wearer without enticing a reaction from the skin. It is an ideal blush for people with oily skin and gives the skin a natural glow. It is priced at ₹650.

6. Best Maybelline Blush

Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Blush is a type of cream blush from Maybelline which is known for going well with oily skin. It is a blush known for a superb finish and is decently pigmented too without being too much over the top. It has a price of ₹375.

7. Best NYX Cosmetics Blush

It is a product which is pigmented and highly raved at, while being available at a reasonable cost. Any makeup junkie would recommend this product with a list of points that favour it, most of which will be because of its long-lasting wear capacity. It is priced at a rate of  ₹1080.

8. Best Makeup Geek Blush

Soulmate by Makeup Geek is a special product that suits all sorts of sensitive skins. It is a beautiful shade of mauve that would be absolutely wonderful on medium skin tones. The shade soulmate makes people absolutely enchanted. It is a talc-free product and is also highly pigmented. It blends easily and is priced at roughly ₹425.

9. Best Milani Blush

The romantic Rose Powder Blush by Milani is a great super pigmented blush that lends a glow and a pop of color to the wearer’s cheeks. Use a tiny bit of this radiant blush to achieve a natural finish. It has great packaging, and it stays longer on oily skin, all the while blending easily. It is available at the price of ₹975.

10. Best MAC Blush

Posey Cremeblend Blush by MAC glides onto one’s skin and hives a natural finish. It is a great color for deeper skin tones. It is a product tested by the dermatologists and is known to not cause breakouts and also lasts for 8 hours. It is sensitive to all types of skin and is immensely beneficial at a price range of ₹1000 to ₹2000.

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