10 Best Body Razor Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Body hair is a natural way for the body to protect itself but if not reduced then may cause disease due to lack of hygiene. The body hair removal forever been a tiresome job and requires high precision. To make the work easy and many companies have made body razors or shavers which can be applied to make the task easy.

Here is a list of 10 body razors to choose from

1. Philips Body Razors

Koninklijke Philips is a Dutch technology company with its headquarters in Amsterdam. It was founded by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips in the year 1891 in Eindhoven. Philips razors are quality products they provide quality along with functionality. It offers sturdy construction, various attachments for different for precision and self-sharpening blades ensure the long life of the razors. The price range is between INR 719 to 10,225.

2. Remington Body Razors

Remington Products commonly referred to as Remington manufactures a wide range of personal care products. Remington is now a subsidiary company of Spectrumhill and Oak Hill capital but was originally a branch of E. Remington and Sons, a firearm manufacturing company. The razors come with many brilliant features like protective head, attachments, and long battery life. They are sturdy razors and cost between INR 949 to 5,995.

3. Panasonic Body Razors

Panasonic Body Razors are a product of Panasonic Corporation, a Japanese multinational electronics corporation. The company is formally known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 1918, in Osaka, Japan. The razors are an ‘all in one product.’ They come with stainless steel, self-sharpening blades and provide precision even at 45-degree angle. The price range is between INR 599 to 9,570.

4. Wahl Body Razors

Wahl Clipper Corporation is a grooming product manufacturing company based Sterling, Illinois founded in the year 1919. The electric razors come with a stainless steel body and blades and a Led powered indicator. They are also provided with four interchangeable heads to give maximum versatility. The price range is between INR 700 to 9,187.

5. Gillette Body Razors

Gillette is brand manufacturing personal care products owned by the multinational company Proctor and Gamble which got introduced in 1901. They make disposable and non-disposable razors both for men and women. The range of products offered is vast and have very reasonable prices. They provide quality for a meager amount. The price range is between INR 171 to 19,529.

6. Braun Body Razors

Braun Gmbh is a consumer product company based in Kronberg, Germany, founded in the year 1921 in Frankfurt, Germany. The electric razors are easy to use and maintain. There is minimal clean up required and recharges fast, so you don’t have to spend too much time on charging in and instead spend time using it. The price range is between INR 999 to 4,315.

7. Andis Body Razor

Andis Company Inc. was formerly known as Andis Clipper Company, is a family-held business Founded in 1992. They specialize in grooming products. They are known to be one of the oldest producers of grooming products in America. They provide quality products at a reasonable price and the stainless steel products last long. The price range is between INR 2,112 to 6,974.

8. Veet Body Razor

Veet, first known as Neet and Immac was formed by Reckitt Benckiser in the year 1922. They are well known for their wide range of grooming products. The products are made in India especially for women to provide gentle care in shaving and removal of body hair. The products are exceptionally brilliant as they lock the moisture of the skin and do not make the skin-surface rough. The price range is between INR 198 to 880.

9. Mangroomer Body Razor

Mangroomer, the brand was founded by Brett Marut, a resident of Santa Monica, California and went for sale through online markets in 2006 and gained recognition quickly. The New York Times remarked that the Mangroomer product resembled a futuristic kung fu weapon. When the telescopic handle folds open, it reaches its maximum length and capable of grasping and maneuvering over parts that are difficult to reach. The price of the products is between INR 3,534 to 13,171.

10. Havells Body Razor

Havells India Ltd. is one of the most significant electrical appliances manufacturing company in India. Founded by Qimat Rai Gupta in 1958, it has a variety of products under its name both for domestic and for industrial use. The electrical body shaver by Havells is a battery operated device has excellent durability and has as skin guard system for application on sensitive areas.

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