10 Best Body Sprays for Men This Season

Best Body Sprays for Men This Season

A refreshing fragrance works like magic in the harsh summer. Effective in keeping the excessive humidity and sweat at bay from the body, body sprays are quite similar to aerosol deodorants. While these body sprays are fragrant like cologne, they offer a better compromise on the price with respect to those of its kind. So, if you’ve been thinking to buy an awesome body spray, then check out the best body sprays for men enlisted here. Shop for these men body sprays at a discounted price through Flipkart. Also, do not forget to use Flipkart offers and coupons to avail discounts on these products.

10 Best Body Spray For Men

1. Fogg Royal Body Spray

Fogg Royal Body Spray

Fogg Royal Body Spray has a purely masculine fragrance. A refreshing body spray, this product also works as a deodorant by killing the odour-causing bacteria. Fogg Royal Body Spray can effectively offer cool sensation to your skin while keeping it fresh all day long. The body spray is suitable to be used during the peak summer season.

Price: ₹230

2. Nivea Fresh Active Original Deodorant Body Spray

Nivea Fresh Active Original Deodorant Body Spray

Offering a long-lasting refreshing fragrance, this body spray leaves you feeling fresh throughout the day. This product provides great deodorant-like antiperspirant protection along with caring for the skin. Enriched with ocean extracts, the deo-spray keeps the body odour under check and prevents the odour-causing bacteria from growing.

Price: ₹190

3. Jovan Musk Body Spray

Jovan Musk Body Spray

Offering a perfect combination of sweet and salty notes of sea water, this body spray surrounds you with freshness all day long. Jovan Musk Body Spray oozes out a refreshing musk fragrance that is sure to make heads turn. With lighter undertones of a woody fragrance, this body spray feels bright on the outside but keeps you cool on the inside.

Price: ₹200

4. Wild Stone Body Deodorant Spray

Wild Stone Body Deodorant Spray

A brand synonymous with masculinity, this body spray offers a long-lasting refreshing fragrance. Wild Stone Deo-sprays offer enticing freshness all day long while highlighting your presence wherever you go. A great fragrance to lay your hands on, Wild Stone Red is something that will definitely bring out the best of your masculine persona.

Price: ₹199

5. Engage M2 Perfume Spray

Engage M2 Perfume Spray

A great body spray for men, Engage is quite a good choice for those who wish to grab an interesting fragrance. With no added water, this body spray develops on the citrus notes inspired by the beauty of Italy. Engage Body Spray signifies extreme passion and fiery nature, ideal for men who prefer to make bold statements.

Price: ₹200

6. Calvin Klein One Deodorant Body Spray

Calvin Klein One Deodorant Body Spray

A brand synonymous with the modern minimal style, Calvin Klein brings to you this amazing CK One Body Spray. A fragrance that develops on the lighter and milder tones, this body spray is from the very first unisex range by CK. A blend of amazing fragrances, like Cardamom, Fresh Pineapple, Papaya, Jasmine and many more of the like, this body spray is one of those signature fragrances that you can show off at a casual party or formal event.

Price: ₹1125

7. AXE Signature Gold Dark Vanilla and Oud Wood

AXE Signature Gold Dark Vanilla and Oud Wood

A long-lasting fragrance, Axe crafts some premium body sprays that are a combination of unique ingredients. These body sprays have an exotic, suave and warm fragrance that intensifies according to your body temperature. Truly a signature spray, this body perfume is made for those who want to level up their masculine game by a few notches.

Price: ₹450

8. Wild Stone Steel Perfume Body Spray

Wild Stone Steel Perfume Body Spray

A perfect perfume body spray with ‘no’ gas, Wild Stone Steel Deo Spray has a catchy fragrance. Infused with the freshness of lemon and mandarin, this body spray is made to keep you cool throughout the day.

Price: ₹250

9. Envy Perfume Body Spray For Men

Envy Perfume For Men

Perfect to be worn by men who want to highlight their rough persona, this fragrance just like its name will truly make people feel envious. The Deo offers protection from the odour-causing germs and has an aromatic fragrance that blends in the green notes with woody undertones.

Price: ₹235

10. Layer’r Shot Deodorant

Layer'r Shot Deodorant

A shot deodorant, Layer’r Shot offers long-lasting fragrance in just one spritz. With a masculine fragrance known as the red stallion, this body spray is best for those men who enjoy being the centre of attraction. The deodorant is quite effective in offering great spray impact in a single shot along with a pleasant fragrance.

Price: ₹195


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