10 Best Cycle Brands – Complete Guide With Price Range

10 Best Cycle Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Indulging in sports activities helps in building a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. There are many activities which only require a little effort and suits people of all ages. One such activity is cycling! Choosing the best cycle can make it your “partner in ride” and help you stay active and healthy.

Here are some of the best cycle brands for a happy, sporty experience

1. Atlas Cycles

Atlas cycle is one of the leading suppliers of bicycles. This Indian company was established in 1950 and has been popularized among millions of people around the world since then. They have succeeded in producing trendy and high-class cycles for children, teens, and adults. They also started producing sports cycles in 1965. The cycles for kids are popular more than the other models by customers. The pricing ranges from Rs. 3800 to Rs. 27,000.

2. BSA Cycles

BSA Cycles is a famous cycle brand in India. It is abbreviated as the “Birmingham Small Arms Company” and was established by the Murugappa group along with other UK firms. BSA was recently taken over by Mahindra groups. The company is famous for its branded cycles like Hercules and Ladybird. This company is the pioneer of introducing cycles for ladies and kids in India. The price range of these cycles is between Rs. 2700 and Rs. 9000.

3. Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles is also a popular brand in India. The company was established in 1948. Founded by Pahwa brothers in Punjab city, this brand has reached millions of people around the world. It produces various cycles of the latest models and cheap prices. The price range of these best-quality cycles is Rs. 3000 to Rs. 56,000.

4. Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles are one of the leading manufacturers of modern cycles in India. Founded in 1956, the brand has been successful in producing bicycles and its spare parts. They are famous for the geared-cycles such as MTB and city types and casual-ride cycles too. Teenagers seek this brand for its trendy look and excellent performance. The pricing is between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 24,500.

5. Trek Cycles

Trek Cycles are the leading producers of bicycles in the US. This company was set up in 1975 with headquarters in Wisconsin, USA. These bicycles are famous for its sports models and heavy performance. Lightweight, aerodynamic design, mountain, and road durability are some of the perks of this brand. The cost ranges from Rs.4000 to Rs. 37,00,000.

6. Firefox Cycles

Firefox Cycles are very famous in India and all over the world for its upgraded design and trendy models. They produce bicycles for kids, men, women, and suits for riding in plains as well as off-road. High-quality, bright color variants, fashionable design, and durability are some of the perks of buying cycles of this brand. The price range is from Rs. 7300 to Rs. 1,36,000.

7. Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles is a top-selling bicycle brand with millions of customers around the world. This is an American company established in 1985 by John Parker. They produce high-class cycles and spare parts with the best engineering designs. Their products include gear and non-geared bicycles. The brand is very popular for its mountain bikes for an off-road purpose. These cycles are heavy in working and aerodynamic model. The price of this cycle ranges from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

8. Mach City and Montra Cycles

Mach City and Montra Cycles are sub-brands of the BSA company. They are one of the best-selling cycles for the city and off-road driving. Their products are designed with lightweight parts and alloy coatings for durability and performance. The maintenance and cost of these cycles are low. They have a stylish outlook and an eminent gear system. They are suitable for long rides too and can withstand heavy-weight people on it too. The pricing of these cycle ranges from Rs. 5800 to Rs. 18,900.

9. Ridley Cycles

Ridley Cycles is a popular brand in India and other countries for its sturdy and terrain-friendly bicycles. The Ridley bikes started in 1997 by Jochim Aerts. This is a Belgium-based company which manufactures MTB, geared and gearless cycles for kids and young adults. The cycles of this brand are used mostly in the triathlon competitions and other famous racing events. The price of these cycles ranges from Rs. 20,099 to Rs. 44,999.

10. Santa Cruz cycles

This brand is popular for its high-quality cycles all over the world. Santa Cruz is a US-based company started by Rich Novak and Roskopp Rob in 1993. Their products include city-ride and hill climbing MTB cycles with heavy duty and excellent performance. This high-end mountain and off-road bikes are used in several racing events and rough terrain competitions. The frames of these bikes are made in Taiwan and China and their spare parts are of the best quality. The brand mainly produces cycles for men and teens while their recent release was in 2013 named “Juliana”, which is an exclusive mountain bike for women. The cost of these cycles ranges between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 55,500 in India.

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