10 Best Brands of Electric Razors/ Shaver - Complete Guide With Price Range

The market overflows with body care and grooming products for women. But why should men feel neglected? Reputed brands have started launching grooming products from men. Unlike women, the facial and bodily hairs play in men’s makeover. Thus, electric shavers stand as the backbone in grooming men. Desirable haircuts and beard styles can be given shapes with ease. But if you are someone who is planning to get a self-makeover session. Here is a guide to help you choose from a list of electric shavers.

Here is a list of Best Brands for Electric Razor/ Shaver

1. Philips: Aquatouch AT890/16

The shaver comes with a rubber finish handle that provides a good grip. The light body makes it easy to handle and glide over the face. The blades are arranged to cut even the finest hair. One does not need to stretch the facial skin to make the razor glide. Easily chargeable and comes with good battery life. The shaver is a boon for Men priced at 3,299 INR.

2. Syska: SH966K Shaver

The SH966K is a two in one grooming product for men. The product is infused with qualities of both trimmer and shaver. The product comes with sharp blades that serve good for softer facial and bodily hairs. The battery is decent and works for good 6-7 months. The rotatable blades attached to the shaver are replaceable and thus, easily maintainable. Priced at 3,000 INR.

3. Havells: RS7131 Shaver Trimmer

The rotary shaver by Havells is a blessing for men. The shaver comes with stainless steel blades and a lithium-ion battery. On charging the battery runs continually for 60 minutes. The product serves both the purpose of shaving and trimming. The sharp edges make styling easy and glide smoothly on the face. The razor comes in an attractive royal blue color. The lightweight makes it travel-friendly. Priced at 3,799 INR.

4. Gillette: Fusion ProGlide Styler 3 in 1

The shaver by Gillette is a non-rechargeable razor. The product can be used underwater or during the bath. The blades glide smoothly and give an excellent overall groomed look. The design is kept compact and sturdy to let it shape the trending styles. The packaging is travel-friendly and attractive. The razor consists of 4 blades to give a clean look. Priced at 499 INR the shaver comes with an extra battery.

5. Braun: Cruzer 6 Shaver

Braun is the most loved shaver brand all over the world. The waterproof shaver, trimmer comes with detachable blades of varying sizes. The blades can be used to style desired looks. The shaver can be used both for beard and head. It has a long battery life. Rechargeable and serves for long hours. The shaver comes with a very casual packaging. Priced at 25,783 INR.

6. Remington: XF8505 Capture Cut

The shaver by Remington is a premium quality shaver for men. The shaver is lightweight and thus easy to work with. The product has a good grip and glides smoothly over the contoured men face. The sharp steel blades work wonder to rip off finest hairs and helps create a clean and bold look. Priced at 11,333 INR.

7. BaByliss: 7890UI Stubble Trimmer

This razor is a high-end product used by professionals. The LCD on the trimmer can track the battery life. The blades are designed to cut off desirable beard lengths. The face contours are given the best possible looks. The grip is good and also the razor feels excellent in hand. Modern technologies are incorporated to gift men the best. Priced at 2,000 INR

8. Nivea: Philips Norelco HS8420 for Men

Philips is a leading electronic brand, and Nivea has the best of skincare for men. The legendary duo came together for Norelco HS8420. The shaver is a premium quality product that comes with graphical design. The battery-powered shaver is chargeable. The razor comes with an anti-slip grip that makes it convenient to use under the shower. Nivea provides its shaving cream for better results. Priced at 1,500 INR.

9. Nova: NHT 1072 Trimmer

The Nova Razor is a decent product to be used at initial levels by men. The turbo powers the shaver and lets it run for good 45-50 minutes. The chargeable product works excellently both as shaver and a trimmer to style looks. Priced at 799 INR is a must try.

10. Panasonic: ES-LV65-S

The ES-LV65-S has a high power system that helps the shaver work wonders. The product has a foil that subdivides to 5 sharp individual cutting elements. The steel blades reap off the finest facial hairs. This waterproof razor is priced at 10,890 INR.

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