10 Best Brands of Herbal Night Cream- Complete Guide With Price Range

10 Best Brands of Herbal Night Cream- Complete Guide With Price Range

The night is the time when the body goes through the process of repair. It repairs all the damaged cells and replenishes the destroyed cells. Our skin is also made up of the cell and our face throughout the day goes through a lot of dust, germs, pollution, etc. So it’s only logical that we take care of our skin. night creams allow the skin to repair itself rapidly and giving us a rejuvenating effect

List of 10 Best Brands of Herbal Night Creams

1. VLCC Herbal Night Cream

VLCC Health Care Ltd is a beauty and wellness conglomerate established in 1989 by Vandana Luthra. The herbal night creams by VLCC has a unique hydrating formula and it is nongreasy. It helps s reduce dark spots and dullness and provides a healthy-looking natural fairness and glow that comes from inside. The product has natural actives that are best for night care. It rejuvenates the skin cells and gives a radiant and fairer complexion. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night Cream is the best product for night care. The price of the product is around INR 175 to 250.

2. Himalaya Herbal Night Cream

The Himalaya Drug Company is a company producing health care products established by M Manal. The company is based in Bangalore, India, uses all ayurvedic ingredients in its products and is produced under the name Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. The Himalaya Herbals Night Creams have a perfect balance of natural oils and vitamins to nourish and moisturize the skin. It has the goodness of lemon, crab apple, white lily, etc which recovers dry and damaged skin. Smoothens skin and removes spots and freckles to improve the texture of the skin. The prices of the products are around INR 188 to 372.

3. Biotique Herbal Night Cream

In the year 1992, Vinita Jain established the Bio Veda Action Research Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with a Swiss company. The Biotique ranges of products are ayurvedic beauty and health products manufactured by Bio Veda Action Research Pvt. Ltd. The creams are made of all natural products and are free from preservatives. It is suitable for dry as well as for oily skin and is tested by a dermatologist for safety. They protect the skin from dryness and environmental stress. Price of the products are between INR 175 to 230?

4. Lotus Herbal Night Cream

Lotus Herbals was founded by Mr. Kamal Passi in the year 1993. The night creams use an advanced formula which contains fruits and herbal extracts. It helps in reducing pigmentation and nourishes the skin. The creams have a thick creamy texture to lighten, whiten and brighten the skin naturally giving a natural glow and radiance. The creams have a price range of INR 280 to 545.

5. Forest Essentials Herbal Night Cream

Forest essentials are a line of skin care products supplied by Mountain Valley Springs India Pvt. Ltd. which was established in India in the year 2000. The herbal night creams from the line of forest essentials are designed to provide a clear glowing skin and deep nourishment of the skin. The ingredients used are completely natural and contain a powerful preparation Kumkumadi and Manikya Bhasma which help in lightening the pigmentation of the skin and clarifying skin for a radiant glow. The prices of the products are between INR 1975 to 2475.

6. Kaya Herbal Night Cream

Kaya Clinic established in the year 2003 by Harsh Mariwala, is a provider of skin care products.  All the products are made from herbal and natural ingredients. The night creams by Kaya are dermatology tested and developed through research by dermatologists. They are light in texture and make the skin smooth and wrinkle free to provide an inner glow. The prices of the products range from INR 855 to 950.

7. Neutrogena Herbal Night Cream

Neutrogena is an American brand producing skin care and hair care products. It was established in the year 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff. The creams produced by Neutrogena are light creams and yet effective for overnight use. The creams are Oil-free and dermatologists have recommended it. It has natural and herbal ingredient. The prices of the products range from INR 1,549 to 5,699.

8. Lakme Herbal Night Cream

Lakme is an Indian brand manufacturing cosmetics owned by Hindustan Unilever founded in the year 1952. It is ranked as the best cosmetic brand in India. They use all natural ingredients. They help repair the dryness and the dullness and have extracts of Aloe Vera to smoothen and soothes the skin giving a glowing skin. The prices of the products range from INR 190 to 300.

9. Olay Herbal Night Cream

Olay or previously known as Oil of Olay is a line of skin care products from America under the Procter and Gamble. It was introduced in the year 1952. Olay has many natural products as well. The herbal night creams have a triple vitamin system with vitamin B Vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. These help in reducing the natural dark spots moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates the skin.  The prices of the products range from INR 365 to 2,307.

10. Emami Herbal Night Cream

Emami is a beauty and skin care conglomerate founded in the year 1974 by Mr. R.S. Agarwal and Mr. R.S. Goenka. The skin care products by Emami are mostly made from natural ingredients. They are dermatology tested and have no side effects. The night creams help to rejuvenate the skin cells giving an inner glow. The prices of the products range from INR 198 to 375.



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