10 Best Brands of Knee Pain Gel- Complete Guide With Price Range

10 Best Brands of Knee Pain Gel- Complete Guide With Price Range

The knee is one of the most vital parts of our body. It works like a liver which takes all the weight of our upper portions and helps remaining lower leg to move as well. So it is highly essential to keep our knees healthy and not to neglect any sudden unusual pain with it.

There are many ways to treat knee pain. One of the most natural treatments is applying knee pain gels. Many knee pain gels are available around the market. Some of them are higher in price, and some are lower. Some should be used for mild to moderate pain, and some of them are for extreme pain. So here we are going to mention about best knee pain gels available around the market.

List of 10 Best Brands of Knee Pain Gel

1. Dr Pat’s: Ultra freeze

This pain relief gel from Dr. Pat’s is known to be a supercooling gel that gives you instant relief. This cream contains menthol which is the reason behind its cooling effect and analgesic ingredient that has an immediate numbing effect, allow up to 10 minutes for the ingredients to work together and give you instant relief. This gives you a straight ten minutes of pain relief.  It costs INR 700- 750.

2. Biofreeze: pain relief gel

This healthcare professional brand offers a natural pain relief gel that is paraben, propylene, glycol free. This ointment provides pain relief in just a few minutes for arthritis, joints, sore muscles and of course knee. It has a soothing menthol smell, and it is paraben free. It lasts almost about three hours, and it comes at INR 3,000- 3,800.

3. Penetrex: pain relief therapy

This gel from Penetrex makes sure that you get relief in just no time. The knee pain caused by inflammation, this gel has a non-greasy formula that doesn’t stain. And the main ingredients of this one is very natural, so it doesn’t have any side effect. Anywhere you experience discomfort, numbness or tingling you can apply this one on your knee, back, neck, hand etc. It comes at INR 1,700- 1,900.

4. Outback: all-natural pain relief

This is a gel but comes in a roll on the packaging. It has ingredients like tea tree oil, vanilla, blue mallee eucalyptus, and olive oil. As it has these natural ingredients it has no side effect and known to be a very effective knee pain relief gel. it has no cooling or heating sensation. It comes at INR 1,300- 1,350.

5. LivRelief : Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief

This gel contains lots of anti-inflammatory antioxidants that works as natural pain relief. The delivery technology goes directly to the source of pain and gives you instant relief. It starts working immediately after applying, especially on the sore muscles, knee, lower back, and neck. This gel is odorless and has no undesirable sensation on the skin. It comes at INR 550- 600.

6. Blue-Emu: Original Analgesic Cream

This ointment is odorless and non-sticky, and it offers deep-penetrating pain relief for joints and sore knees. It has ingredients such as emu oil, aloe vera, glucosamine, and MSM, these all are known to be very effective for knee and joint pain. It is available in three sizes and costs INR 1,800- 7,500.

7. Australian Dream: pain relief cream

This gel contains elements like histamine dihydrochloride that acts as a vasodilator. It generally increases the size of blood vessels and improves blood flow to facilitate the healing process. This relief joint and knee pains in just a few minutes. It is available in three sizes and comes at INR 3,000- 17,500.

8. Topricin: topical pain relief

This pain relief gel relieves joint, muscle and knee pain in just 10 or 15 minutes. This product is free of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, so it doesn’t create any skin irritation. This gel is odorless and very effective for knee pain and severe pain. It comes in three different sizes and costs INR 880- 5,300.

9. Living Well Nutraceuticals: Rub on Relief

This is a fast-acting ointment as the brand claims, it works within minutes of application. This ointment contains natural ingredients like MSM, CMO. These ingredients are known to fight inflammation, relieving joint and muscle pain all at once. It has a subtle menthol smell, and it costs INR 5,200- 5,300.

10. ReliefX: Pain Relief Cream With Arnica

This gel has a high concentration of arnica and a strong anti-inflammatory. It works fast to target knee, and sore muscles absorb easily on the skin. It has a subtle smell of menthol and cooling effect on the affected area. It may relieve joint muscle pain and improves your range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. It comes at INR 1,100- 1,200.



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