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Burgers make for the ideal go-to meal when running an errand, going for a movie, shopping, or just spending a lazy Sunday at home. Club it with some french fries and coke, and you’re all set with a perfect, sumptuous meal.

Zomato offers some great options for burger lovers to explore great places. If you do not have the Zomato app, it is time that you download and register yourself now. You can also sign up by searching Zomato online to avail attractive Zomato discounts on yummy burgers or visit CashKaro.com for amazing discounts and cashbacks.

Here is a curated list of the best burger restaurants to order food from:

Mc Donald’s

You cannot start your list without including this burger giant. Over these years the menu here has taken a major transformation with the Indian touch finding its way to the kitchens. It also has come with Maharaja Burgers and wraps all catering to Indian tastes. You can easily order on the Zomato app and see which hot Zomato offers today can be grabbed by you.

Burger King

Burger King has garnered immense popularity for its massive burgers, widely known as the Whopper! Available with quirky ingredients such as Lays, the Whopper has made a special place for itself. Burger King also provides some delicious sides, beverages and regular-sized burgers that make for a perfect combo deal! You can also order Burger King meals via the Zomato app which has an assortment of amazing discount coupon codes.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The place is known for its amazing sandwiches but the craft with breads doesn’t end here. Its burgers too are drooling with mouth-melting flavours. You can also enjoy donuts after an appetizing burger meal at Dunkin Donuts. The best part is that you can add some cool drinks and side accompaniments through the Zomato app as well        .

Café Zoe

Cafe Zoe is a little place for burgers! But the burgers here are not little at all. The good-sized burgers represent the western styled dishes in combination with the local classics. You can order and avail great discounts on Zomato while placing an order on Café Zoe.

Burger Factory

The Burger Factory is living up to its name by churning out the most awesome burgers. The freshly baked buns with gourmet patties and cheese are one of the delicacies that everybody loves. You can order from Zomato app and you will not regret the decision made.

Burger Singh

We’re sure that all Delhiites agree that Burger Singh is India’s version of Burger King. Some even argue that Burger Singh is better than Burger King. Their desi take on burgers is what makes them so intriguing. They specialize in giving classic American burgers an Indian twist, which is what makes Burger Singh one of the best fusion restaurants out there!

Order burgers from your favourite joints on Zomato and don’t forget to apply Zomato coupons offered on CashKaro.

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