10 Best Cricket Balls Brands- Complete Guide With Price Range

Best Cricket Balls Brands

Cricket requires a particular kind of ball and although youngsters play the game with a number of options, the game can only be properly played with the right ball available. There are a number of brands out there and they are great for making the game all the more interesting, and playing the game with a ball that the cricketers play with only improves the game. A good ball goes a long way in determining the fate of the match as well. Here are some of the best brands, with their prices, for the buyer’s perusal.

Here are the best brands for cricket balls

1. Best Jaspo cricket balls

A highly well known brand, the Jaspo balls are well known among the sports fraternity for their superior hard texture and because of the wonderful spin they offer. Children and adults can both play with this ball alike. A pack of three can be availed for a price of Rs 599 to Rs 799.

2. Best Kitsaw’s cricket balls

Kitsaw balls are widely used in cricket caching centers and the weight of the balls is especially suited for beginners. The balls are made with high quality substance and there are both soft ball varieties and hard ball varieties that can be found. One can have a pack of balls around Rs 499 to Rs 799.

3. Best Cosco cricket balls

Cosco balls are known for their extremely pliable and the balls lend themselves to any kind of gaming scenario. There are soft balls and hard ball varieties to be found and for new cricketers just starting out, these balls are one of the best. The balls are priced around Rs 415 to Rs 599 for a pack.

4. Best Silver’s Headly cricket balls

One of the best ball manufacturers, the Headly balls can last years and they are made with special material to provide the perfect bounce on any kind of surface. The balls are also suitable for youngsters and a single ball comes around a price point of Rs 340 to Rs 499.

5. Best Tima Leather cricket balls

Tima balls are premium leather balls and they are one of a kind. The leather stitches are what makes the balls so unique and the seams are wonderfully sewn together, that also adds a lot of visual appeal. They are one of the best balls to play with in a match and a pack of two can be had for a price of Rs 900 to Rs 2199.

6. Best White Bullet cricket balls

White Bullet balls are known for their extremely hardy nature and they are also very well adapted to all kinds of climates and all kinds of grounds. One can play with them in extreme cold or in the rain and they are not affected much. A single ball is priced around Rs 150 to Rs 250, depending on the diameter.

7. Best Omtex cricket balls

Omtex balls are great for practicing solo because they come with a Hanging and Knocking contraption, which means one can hang the ball and practice hitting it by oneself. There is no need to stop honing batting skills just because no one else is around. They are priced around Rs 250 to Rs 450.

8. Best Kookaburra cricket balls

Kookaburra balls are the classic red balls used in all international matches and there is hardly a good substitute for them. The balls are extremely heavy and very hard and only seasoned players play with them. A single ball is priced around Rs 375 to Rs 425.

9. Best AVM Paxton cricket balls

AVM Paxton balls are widely used for their pliable texture but at the same time they are also known for their strength and hardiness. The balls can be used by professionals and students alike and they are one of a kind, giving a lot of added advantage to beginners in terms of control on the ground. A single ball is priced around Rs 350.

10. Best DSC Swing Bolt cricket balls

DSC Swing bolt balls are one of the best in the industry and the balls are available in both hard and soft variants. The balls are also available in different colors for the children and they are one of the most frequently used ones in schools and college matches. A single ball is priced around Rs 155.


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