When you have the best deodorant by your side, you will never have to worry about perspiration and body odour. With the right kind of deodorant, there won’t be any white patches on your clothes or skin either. Wondering which deodorant can give you all these perks? Check out for picks for the 5 best deodorants for women in India.

List of the Best Deodorants for Women in India

1. Yardley Deodorants

Yardley London offers you exquisite fragrances in the cutest bottles. You can choose from deodorant sprays or roll-ons. Yardley also manufactures talcum powders, shaving creams, after shave lotions and perfumes. Yardley deodorants start from Rs 169 only. Clearly a super saver in our list of best deodorants for women in India.

Shop for these amazing Yardley deodorants and save more while you do so.

2. Fogg Deodorants

With less gas and more perfume, Fogg deodorants are perfect for long, active days. The brand also offers perfumes, talcum powders, body mists and more. Fogg deodorants for women start at Rs 170.

Get the lowest Fogg perfume price and save your hard earned cash when you shop.

3. Dove Deodorants

Third in our list of best deodorant for women in India are Dove deodorants. Dove offers the freshest deodorants which are also gentle on your skin. They never clog pores or darken the underarms. You can choose from deodorant sprays and roll-ons by the brand. These start at just Rs 170.

Buy the best Dove deodorants and get awesome discounts on your purchase.

4. Avon Deodorants

Avon is a cosmetics company that offers everything from makeup to skincare products. You can choose from deodorant body sprays, roll-ons, and even liquid deodorants. These start at just Rs 170. Smell great without burning a hole in your pocket.

Get unbelievable discounts while you stock up on your favourite Avon deodorants.

5. Nivea Deodorants

Nivea deodorants are super smooth and gentle on your skin. Their whitening range can also remove underarm darkness to reveal super soft and bright skin. Nivea deodorants start from Rs 136 and are available as sprays or roll-ons.

You can now buy Nivea deodorants without burning a hole in your pocket.

Choose any of these deodorants and you will never have to fret about sweat again!

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