Latest Dish TV HD Pack List, Plans & Price

Are you on the lookout for best Dish TV HD plans? Worry not, here is a comprehensive list of the best packages that have the most economical prices along with abundant features.

Today, Dish TV is synonymous with offering the best Dish TV HD packages along with attractive pricing. Dish TV, a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, is India’s leading DTH (Direct to Home) service provider. Launched in the year 2003, Dish TV was also listed in Fortune India 500  as one of  India’s largest corporations.. Dish TV along with Videocon  completed a merger in 2019 making the combined entity one of  the largest DTH providers in India.

India is moving in tandem with technology, and so we have started switching towards high definition television experience. Go, have a look at the best Dish TV HD packs with a price list:

Dish TV Packages Hindi HD

Dish TV Swagat HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Family HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Family Saver HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Maxi Sports HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Sports HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Titanium HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Packages Bangla HD

Dish TV Sampurna Bangla HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Swagat Bangla HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Swagat Cricket Bangla HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Family Bangla HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Maxi Sports Bangla HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Sports Bangla HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Titanium Bangla HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Packages Odiya HD

Dish TV Swagat Odia HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Family Odia HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Maxi Sports Odia HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Sports Odia HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Titanium Odia HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Packages Marathi HD

Dish TV Swagat Marathi HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Family Marathi HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Maxi Sports Marathi HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Sports Marathi HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Titanium Marathi HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Packages Gujarati HD

Dish TV Swagat Gujarati HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Gujarati Prime HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Family Gujarati HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

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Dish TV Maxi Sports Gujarati HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Super Sports Gujarati HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Dish TV Titanium Gujarati HD

Total ChannelsHDSDPrice (Rs)*

Latest Dish TV HD Channel list

HD Channel ListPrice* (Rs)
&flix HD19/Month
&pictures HD19/Month
&Prive HD19/Month
&TV HD19/Month
Animal Planet HD3/Month
Baby TV HD1/Month
CNBC Prime HD1/Month
Colors Bangla HD14/Month
Colors Cineplex HD5/Month
Colors HD19/Month
Colors Infinity HD9/Month
Colors Marathi HD17/Month
Comedy Central HD9/Month
Discovery HD6/Month
Disney International HD12/Month
Fox Life HD1/Month
History TV18 HD7/Month
Jalsha Movies HD19/Month
MAX HD17/Month
MN+ HD10/Month
MNX HD9/Month
Movies Now HD12/Month
MTV Beats HD1/Month
Nat Geo Wild HD5/Month
National Geographic HD10/Month
Nick HD+10/Month
PIX HD15/Month
Romedy Now HD9/Month
SAB HD19/Month
SET HD19/Month
SIX HD19/Month
SONY TEN 1 HD19/Month
SONY TEN 2 HD17/Month
SONY TEN 3 HD17/Month
Star Bharat HD19/Month
Star Gold HD10/Month
Star Gold Select HD10/Month
Star Jalsha HD19/Month
Star Movies HD19/Month
Star Movies Select HD10/Month
Star Plus HD19/Month
Star Pravah HD15/Month
Star Sports 1 HD19/Month
Star Sports 1 HD Hindi19/Month
Star Sports HD219/Month
Star Sports Select HD119/Month
Star Sports Select HD210/Month
Star World HD9/Month
Star World Premiere HD9/Month
Times Now World HD5/Month
TLC HD World3/Month
Zee Bangla HD19/Month
Zee cafe HD19/Month
Zee Cinema HD19/Month
Zee Marathi HD19/Month
Zee Talkies HD19/Month
Zee TV HD19/Month
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Dish TV HD Packs FAQs

Which Dish TV HD Plan should you prefer?

Dish TV HD Plans are specifically designed according to the needs of various consumers. You can get a novel HD experience as well as varied features in different plans. While both plans are great, you can opt for the Dish TV HD plan named FULL–ON HD which gives you a variety of channels to watch. For more details about each plan and any other queries, feel free to call Dish TV customer care numbers

How To Select the Dish TV HD plan?

Simply visit Dish TV’s website and look for packs and channels. In this section, select Hi-Definition packs and you will be given a list. You can also look for the packs above and select your favourite Dish TV HD plan.

Does Dish TV Charge for HD access?

Yes, Dish TV charges for HD access. HD plans are usually more expensive than your regular Dish TV Plans. However, the improved viewing experience is worth the money spent.

How can I save while buying Dish TV Packages in HD?

Saving on Dish TV HD packages is a simple and hassle-free process. All you need to do is visit CashKaro and find the best plan for Dish TV. Once you buy the HD plan, your Dish TV HD Package price will automatically be reduced as you will receive a guaranteed CashKaro cashback that you can redeem later on.

Do I need to recharge with Dish TV HD plans to enjoy HD channels?

No! You can also choose to add HD channels in Dish TV individually, provided you have HD access. Read our guide on how to add channel in Dish TV to do so with ease.

Can I Recharge Dish TV HD Packages with my balance?

No! The Dish TV balance is only a value that reflects the validity and remaining balance of your existing plan. You can use this to do a recharge etc. Learn how to check the Dish TV balance and ensure timely recharge that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted service.

How to reach out to DishTV customer care?

Below are the best ways to contact DishTV customer care:
You can call Dish TV customer care by calling on toll-free number – 1800-258- 3474
Send an SMS ‘CALL ME’ to 57574 from your registered mobile number and the Dish TV team will call you back
You can also write an email at –
For online, please reach go to the Dish TV contact us page and register your complaint.

How many HD channels are there on Dish TV?

There are 60 HD channels on Dish TV, which includes different categories like entertainment, music, kids, etc. Some of the most searched HD channels are &flix HD, &pictures HD, &Prive HD, &TV HD, Animal Planet HD, Baby TV HD, CNBC Prime HD, Colors HD
Colors Infinity HD, Comedy Central HD, Discovery HD. etc.

How to recharge a single channel on Dish TV?

To recharge a single channel in Dish Tv, all you have to do is send the following SMS – SMS: DISHTV GET <Channel No.> to 57575 from your registered mobile number. Your single channel gets activated within minutes after you send this SMS.

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