Dry skin can be one of the biggest deterrents to skin care because no matter how much you try to sooth it, it always ends up looking flaky and lacks that healthy glow that we all want. Cleaning the face regularly is a must to maintain optimum skin health but it should be done in such a manner that the required moisture and nutrients from the skin are not lost. Here is a list of the best face washes that help you maintain moisture level, cleaning you face properly at the same time.

List of the Best Face Washes for Dry Skin

1) Best Lakme Face Wash

Lakme fruity face washes are just what you need to infuse your skin with the nutrients and moisture that you skin needs at all times. The strawberry and peach face washes are very hydrating and they leave a healthy glow after every wash, and the fragrance is simply enticing. The face washes range from Rs 90 to Rs180.

2) Best Himalaya Face Wash

Himalaya moisturizing face washes infuses the skin with hydration with every wash. These are organic face washes that have no chemicals and hence have no drying effect on the skin at all. The foaming face washes are creamy and just what the skin needs in winter. They are priced around Rs 125 and Rs 230.

3) Best Biotique Face Wash

Biotique is a completely organic brand and all its products have therapeutic properties. The Rose and Honey face wash is one of the most hydrating ones, containing waters from the base of the Himalayas. The cucumber face washes leave the skin cool and refreshed, without drying out the skin at all. The face washes can be availed around a price of Rs 150 and Rs 280.

4) Best Prakriti Herbals Face Wash

Prakriti Herbals is one of the newer brands in the market but it has already garnered a significant number of followers with its herbal concoctions. The jojoba and aloe vera products are especially meant for dry skin that clears away dirt and dead cells and leaves the skin feeling smooth. They are priced around Rs 175 and Rs 250.

5) Best VLCC Turmeric Face Wash

Those who are constantly suffering from problematic skin need to keep their skin clean all the time but it leaves the skin feeling dry and stretchy. With the VLCC face wash, the turmeric helps in clearing away a number of skin problems, but without drying out the skin at all. The face washes can be availed at a price of Rs 225 and Rs 350.

6) Best Dove Face Wash

Dove has always been a principal name when it comes to moisturizing face washes. Every wash infuses moisture into the skin and skin care is so much easier for those with dry skin. The creamy foam formula is truly indulging and best way to pamper oneself at home. The face washes are available at a price range of Rs 99 and Rs 220.

7) Best Lotus Herbals Face Wash

Lotus Herbal is another organic brand and their face washes have a number of loyal buyers. The yoghurt face washes are not just hydrating but they also help in improving the complexion. The skin gets a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals with each wash. The buyers can have them at a price point of Rs 220 and Rs 350.

8) Best Soultree Face Wash

Soultree face washes are extremely luxuriant and they are one of the best ways to indulge oneself at home. They are not just rich and creamy, but they are also infused with anti oxidants, which is great for those with mature skin. The face washes are available for a price of Rs 220 and Rs 440.

9) Best Oriflame Love Nature Mild Face Wash

Oriflame has been one of the pioneers in skincare and their formulas are always made after a lot of careful consideration. The Love Nature range is made from completely natural ingredients and they are great for those with flaky and dry skin. It helps in removing dead cells and exfoliates the skin at the same time. They are priced around Rs 240 to Rs 399.

10) Best Khadi Mauri Herbal Fenugreek Face Wash

Khadi Mauri is perfect for those who believe in the wonders of homemade concoctions. Their products are made with that same idea and the hydrating face washes leave the skin feeling soft and glowing after every wash. They are mostly priced around Rs 175 and Rs 229. They are one of the most affordable products but deliver according to their promises.

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