10 Best Facial Cleansers for Dry Skin- Complete Guide With Price Range

Dry skin is a natural skin condition that has less sebaceous glands to keep the skin moisturized. The skin though feels a great relief in the summer as it does not sweat or feel sticky. But with almost no hydration the skin tends to age faster. An everyday cleansing, the hydrating routine is necessary to be followed on daily basis. If you are the one with dry skin and the list of best cleansers will help you to get yours.

Here is a List of Best Cleanser for Dry Skin Brands

1. Shiseido

The Shiseido brand has a cleanser that is recommended by dermatologists to treat dry skin. The cleanser is formulated especially for dry skin types but can also be used for those with normal skin. The soft moisturizing base hydrates the skin. The cleansers successfully remove all dirt and oil with further hydration. Priced at 1500-2000 INR.

2. Soul Tree

The Soul Tree makes cleansers which are all natural that feels hydrating when applied on dry skin. With all ayurvedic ingredients, it cures acne and cleanses dirt. Aloe vera and Rosewater extracts help maintain the natural ph level. The packaging is premium and comes in a pump bottle. Also travel-friendly, the products are priced at 350 INR for 150 ml.

3. Lakme

The cleanser by Lakme is formulated especially for dry skin types. With avocado extracts and vitamins E oils infused, the cleanser cleans the surface dirt off the face. The enriched formula in cleaners like gentle and soft deep pore cleaner feels hydrating and does not further dry out the skin. The bottle pack comes in a teardrop shape that makes it cute and girly. The flip cap does not leak and can be carried easily. Priced at 70 INR the cleanser is a must try.

4. Biotique

The cleansers by Biotique comes with a lotion base. To nane a few, you can consider the Bio Berry Refreshing Cleansing Lotion which comes with Haldi, Rakta Chandan, Badam Tail. The creamy texture nourishes the dry skin. On washing leaves the skin soft and moisturized. The pack comes in a white plastic bottle that is sturdy and travel-friendly. Priced at 149 INR, the product is a must-have.

5. Fab India

Fab India has products infused with the goodness of Grapeseed oil, Lavender extracts, Glycerine the cleanser is super hydrating. The natural properties help remove all dirt and heavy makeup for the skin. The perfect consistency help spread on the face evenly and on washing gives a refreshed feel. The smell is soft and feels good. The product needs to be applied with a cotton pad on the face. Proceed at 150 INR for 200 ml.

6. The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a must on our list thanks to its products like the Aloe calming facial lotion is enriched with aloe extracts and dermatologically recommend. The pack soothes the skin and removes light makeup. The pack comes in a premium plastic bottle of light green color. The texture of the product is creamy and soap free. Proceed at 700-800 INR.


The Cerave product is formulated by proven dermatologists. The cleanser contains Hyaluronic acid which restores the natural moisture of the skin and removes the dirt for the surface. No extra harmful chemicals are used in the cleanser. On the skin, it feels gentle. Comes in a pump packaging, the cleanser is priced at 3668  INR.

8. Garnier

The Garnier cleansers are infused with Macadamia oil and Jojoba oil that is great for the dry skin. The oils hydrate the skin and sip into layers. The outer dirt and makeup can be cleared using the cleanser. The product should be avoided in eye areas. The silkily textured cleanser fulfills all the basic needs of cleansing dry skin. Priced at 350- 500 INR.

9. L’Oreal Paris

Products like the Micellar water by L’Oreal does the work both as a makeup remover and a cleanser. The water consistency hydrates skin. The product on the cotton pad does the perfect applicator job. A little amount is enough to remove all dirt and makeup from the skin. The travel-friendly pack helps you carry it easily. Priced at 475 INR.

10. VLCC

VLCC also has a wide array of cleansing products for different skin types. The products instantly removes the dirt and moisturizes the skin giving a soft look. The also product works to remove heavy makeup. The sturdy pack help to carry it with greasy formula feels soothing on application. The product smells of sandalwood. Priced at 105 INR.

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