6 Best Fast Charging Power Banks In India

When you’re on the go, having a power bank by your side is an absolute must. Forget about running out of battery, with fast charging power banks, you’ll be at 100% in a matter of minutes. Sounds great, right? Get your own fast charging power bank from the following brands.

Here are the best brands to buy fast charging power banks in India

1. Syska

The Syska fast charging power bank is a 10050 mAH device that weighs just 200g. The compact power bank offers 5V – 2.4A power output for lightning fast charging. It offers dual USB charging ports for you convenience.

Syska offers products at amazing prices. Buy your own Syska power bank without shelling out too much of your hard earned cash.

2. Portronics

The brand offers a whopping 13,000 mah power bank. This Power Brick offers short circuit protection, overcharging protection, over voltage protection and discharge protection along with quick charging. It is a mere 286 g in weight.

Check this Portonics power bank and shop at an amazing price.

3. PNY

The sleek and sturdy power bank from PNY is perfect for power hungry people. It offers a single USB output, stylish LED light, 236 g lightweight body and 10,400 mAH power.  The LED lights indicate the battery left in the power bank efficiently.

Buy the amazing PNY power bank at discounted prices without spending too much of your hard earned money.

4. Philips

Philips offers an 11,000 mAH high functioning power bank. It has 3 USB ports and LED screen to indicate battery performance. It weighs 323 g and is available in 3 different colours.

Get your hands on this affordable Philips power bank and get additional discounts on your purchase.

5. Intex

The 11,000 mah fast charging power bank from Intex weight only 286 g. It is sleek, compact and offers 3 USB ports for convenient charging of all your devices. It is available in black and white colors.

Buy the best power banks from the Intex mobile brand at the lowest prices online.

6. Ambrane

The Ambrane fast charging power bank offers a huge capacity of 20,000 mah. It has 2 USB ports for convenient charging and is available in 2 colors. This one can charge your phone to 100% in just a few minutes without losing backup.

Check the lowest Ambrane power bank price online and buy now!

With any one of these power banks by your side, you will never have to deal with phones shutting down while you’re away from a power outlet.

Shop these power banks through Flipkart. Do not forget to use Flipkart offers and avail mind blowing discounts on them.

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