The modern lifestyle is made of hectic days and we are all strapped for time. We want to stay fit but don’t know where we can get honest, sound and trustworthy guidance. That’s why we at CashKaro did a little research and came up with a list of the Best Fitness Bloggers Of 2017!

These bloggers have been chosen on the basis of unique content, fan following and factual accuracy. Their blogs will unquestionably boost you to switch to a healthier lifestyle. So take a look at India’s best fitness bloggers of 2017 in no particular order.

Kishor Kumar

Blog Name: Zigverve

Kishor Kumar zigverve

FB Fans: 324 | Twitter Followers: 2919

Why he does it?

“Choosing Fitness came out of our passion to keep people healthy. While we started as an exclusive Health Blog, we found that it’s impossible to separate fitness from the Health niche. Thus, it was only natural that we had to jump into Fitness as well,” Kishor told CashKaro.

We Loved This Blog ?

  • Travel stories and lifestyle ideas
  • Latest articles on workouts, Ayurveda, fitness tips, orthopedics
  • Tips on women health
  • News and health care ideas for men
  • Wide range of categories like health & fitness, fashion, beauty , wellness , lifestyle etc.

Favourite Brands:

  • Adidas, Reebok, and Nike for sportswear
  • Fitbit, Garmin, Moov Now, and Samsung Gear Fit For fitness trackers
  • Gold’s gym, Anytime Fitness, Fitness First and Neo Fitness for GYMs


Blog Name: Fitnessvsweightloss

FB Fans:17529 | Twitter Followers:348

Why she does it ?

Her “personal weight loss journey from 98 kg to 67 kg despite various health issues” motivated her to start blogging about it, Kanan told us.

Why We Loved This Blog ?

  • Weight loss tips and tricks
  • Fitness tips such as benefits of yoga
  • Recipes of healthy homemade foods, review of fitness apps etc.
  • Queries on health, fitness,diet, beauty etc. answered
  • Healthy diet ideas

Favourite Brands:

  • Kobo, a brand that offers quality home fitness equipment

Payal Banka

Blog Name: Dietburrp

payal dietburp fitness

FB Fans: 8911 | Twitter Followers: 75

Why she does it?

“Fitness and diet were my thing and I always wanted to pursue a profession related to these .The Indianized diet plans that I provide on my blog are very simple to follow and you can easily relate to them. I get to know about it from my readers who leave such motivating comments under my blog. I specially get motivated when i hear good numbers in terms of weight loss . It is really exciting to make some one happy by helping them lose weight and feel better about themselves” , Payal told us.

Why We Loved This Blog ?

  • Provides health recipes and articles on weight loss, wellness and beauty etc.
  • Body analysis like body fat, BMI calculator etc.
  • Diet consultation services and packages
  • Diet plans according to pregnancy, diabetes and other such health concerns like weight gain, weight loss
  • Wide range of categories like fitness & weight loss, beauty , wellness , lifestyle etc.

Favourite Brands:

  • Nike for its comforting gym wear
  • Apple is her favourite brand for fitness tracking

There were some bloggers we couldn’t get in touch with, but we are including them because we believe they deserve to be part of this list.

Amaresh Ojha

Blog Name: Gympik

Why We Loved This Blog?

  • Best in-class personal trainers at the comfort of your home
  • Lists popular fitness trends and activities near you like yoga, zumba classes etc.
  • Articles on fitness, nutrition, diet , reviews of gyms , lifestyle and wellness etc.
  • Lists the finest gyms & studios apart from discount offers and expert guides for fitness freaks
  • Offers categories like personal trainers, fitness stories, popular searches on fitness activities, deals and offers on gyms, aerobics, martial arts etc., latest fitness trends


Blog Name: HealthBeckon

Why We Loved This Blog?

  • Experts’ tips on health and fitness
  • Offers healthy recipes
  • Articles on healthy living, vitamin rich foods, oils, diseases, healthy snacks , fruits and vegetables
  • Provides weight loss tips and diet plans
  • Wide range of categories like fitness & weight loss, recipes, diet plans, benefits of healthy food items etc.

Sangram Simha

Blog Name: Stylecraze

FB Fans: 209216

Why We Loved This Blog?

  • World’s largest beauty network
  • Updates on latest trends, fashion, brand, celebrity news etc.
  • Reviews on beauty products
  • Fitness and lifestyle advice by experts and beauty bloggers
  • Grooming tips related to makeup, haircare, skincare,health and wellness

Dr.Ruchi Agrawal

Blog Name: Thehealthsite

FB Fans:856968 | Twitter Followers: 3856| Youtube Views: 80906

Why We Loved This Blog ?

  • Photo and video gallery on make-up, wellness, diseases etc.
  • Its ‘Desi Wisdom’ section sheds light on Indian customs and rituals
  • Fitness and beauty tips, natural remedies
  • Pregnancy guide, parenting ideas etc.
  • Articles on trending topics such as anti-ageing, living healthy, workplace wellness, weight loss tips etc.

Blogger Name: Multiple

Blog Name: Medicaldialogues

FB Fans:12732 | Twitter Followers: 723

Why We Loved This Blog ?

  • A leading online medical community
  • Leading source of medical information and health news
  • Topic wise exams can also be taken online
  • Case studies, articles, medical videos etc.
  • Its Forum section gives direct viewpoints and answers to healthcare peers

Md Taiyab Alam Alam

Blog Name: Gyanunlimited

FB Fans:3042

Why We Loved This Blog ?

  • A hub of alternative medicine and holistic health
  • Pro health blog for complementary and alternative medicines
  • Analytical information for all diseases through traditional system of medicines like Ayurvedic etc.
  • Updates on herbal medicines, health promotion and preventive measures related to diseases and disorders
  • Articles on yoga, naturopathy, weight loss remedies, healthy eating, anti-aging, hair care, skin care etc.

Blogger Name: Dr. Vikas Sharma

Blog Name: Dr.Homeo

Twitter Followers: 277

Why We Loved This Blog ?

  • Offers online homeopathic treatments for all curable diseases
  • Cures for autism treatments
  • Homeopathy skin treatments
  • Natural homeopathic treatment for hyperactive kids
  • Treatments for orthopedic problems, allergy, arthritis etc.

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