Best Foldable Mattresses

If you struggle with managing space in your house or are just a fan of minimalism, then let us introduce you to your next best friend: foldable mattresses.

Foldable mattresses are a fantastic invention as they help save a lot of space. Realistically speaking, a bed is a must-have item in every home. But does it have to take up so much space in a room? The answer is no! Once you start using a foldable mattress, you can never go back just because they’re so much functional. Here’s a list of the best foldable mattresses for you.

5 Best Foldable Mattresses

1. SleepX Three Fold Mattress

SleepX presents a high-quality mattress that you can fold into three. The perfect combination of comfort and convenience, you can use this mattress for yourselves, your guests, or anyone else. Simply fold it up when you’re done using it. It comes with a zip to remove the mattress cover, so washing and maintaining it is not a hassle. The fabric is strong and can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear.


This foldable mattress has a moisture-proof carry bag so that you can take it anywhere you like.

Editor’s Choice

2. SpringTek Folding Mattress

The SpringTek foldable mattress is one of the most convenient mattresses available. It comes in a queen size and is 4 inches wide, which makes sleeping on it seem just like a regular bed or mattress. You can take it with you on the go and get a good night’s rest anywhere.

High-Quality Foam

This foldable mattress is made from luxurious foam that doesn’t lose its shape.

Popular Choice

3. Comforto Folding Mattress

The Comforto tri-fold mattress is durable, heat resistant, and provides optimum support to your back. This foldable mattress is made from a light and airy material, so it does not get hot. Perfect for unexpected guests or sleepovers, this mattress is sizeable enough for adults and kids. You can carry it with you anywhere you go.

Easy Set Up

Simply unfold the mattress to set it up, you don’t need any professional assembly.

Most Trusted Choice

4. Wakewell Cotton Single Bed Mattress

Comfortable and easy to handle, this Wakewell cotton folding mattress is ideal for guests and hostel students. Recyclable in nature, it is made of premium quality cotton to ensure proper hygiene and can be washed regularly without any hassle. This on-the-go folding mattress is highly portable, and you can even take it outdoors on picnics.

Orthopaedic Mattress

It is comfortable and provides a body-hugging posture while sleeping to provide complete rest.

Affordable Option

5. Padam Shree Folding Mattress

Made from EPE foam, this Padam Shree folding mattress is extremely comfortable. You can use it as an extra bed in your hostel, hotels, for unexpected guests, or your small home. It fits anywhere and everywhere. It has a thickness of two inches and dimensions of 72 x 35 inches.


This folding mattress only weighs 2 kg so you can carry it anywhere.

Runner Up
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