Best Highlighters in India


Make yourself stand out in the crowd and look more youthful. Buy these highlighters from the top brands in India with amazing new formulas that will leave your skin glowing! Keeping reading below to know about these products:

1. Revlon

You can highlight instantly using the Revlon highlighting stick. The light filtering technology delivers a look that is professional. It comes in various shades that you can select according to your preferences.

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2. Maybelline

The quality highlighter from Maybelline leaves your skin brilliant and glowing. It is easy to use and envelopes the skin in a beautiful sheen quickly. Maybelline’s pearl pigments ensure a highly luminous finish.

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3. Estee Lauder

The world class highlighter by Estee Lauder comes with a Photo Optic Technology. It removes fatigue signs and highlights your facial features. It comes in a range of shades for all skin types. Not only does it leave the skin glowing, it also provides a refreshing feeling.

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4. Colorbar

You can forget the dull, tired look after you use the Radiant Glow Face Illuminator. It gives you a perky, vibrant look with a natural glow finish. It is also really easy to use.

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5. Clinique India

The highlighters from Clinique are long wearing as well as oil free. You get a luminous finish and your features are highlighted. It is really light weight and suits all skin types.

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6. L’Oreal products

Available as highlighting powder or drops, these amazing products from L’Oreal Paris will leave your skin glowing. You will definitely feel more confident with the golden glow that you will achieve with the highlighter. It is suitable for all skin types. The face glows when natural light falls upon the carefully formulated highlighters.

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