Best Ice Cream Brands on Big Basket

Ice Cream brands on BigBasket

Who’s ever been mad about some soft creamy ice cream? Whatever the weather is like outside, or how you’re feeling, it’s always a good time to have some ice cream. Eating ice cream releases a hormone called oxytocin which makes you feel happier, increasing overall health. So if anyone tells you ice cream is unhealthy, share some with them and make them happier as well.

There are a ton of flavours of ice cream and each person has their favourite. Although there’s a big debate on what the best flavour, there’s no disputing that all ice cream is equally amazing. You can buy all the flavours and brands on Big Basket. Buy it with Big Basket coupons from CashKaro to get huge discounts on your Ice Cream. Here are the best brands on the website.

Kwality Walls

With over 60 years experience in making ice cream, Kwality Walls is one of the leading ice cream makers in India. You can buy a whole host of unimaginable flavours, so there’s a new one for you to try every day! Get it using Big Basket offers.


One of the best ice cream brands available on the market is Amul. They make creamy ice cream that won’t become icy in the freezer. You can enjoy it even after its been sitting in the fridge for a long while, but the fact is, it won’t be there long. Use CashKaro’s Big Basket coupon code to buy them!

London Dairy

A premium brand of Ice Cream, London Dairy curates unique flavours of ice cream that you can’t find in other places. Their ice cream is soft and light and is the perfect snack for at all times. Get it with Big Basket coupons.

Mother Dairy

An Indian company, Mother Dairy is one of the best ice cream makers in the country. They have traditional flavours like rabri and kulfi that provides the home touch to your Ice Cream. Order now with Big Basket offers to get the best discounts.

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