Best Japanese Cuisine on Uber Eats Bangalore

Japanese cuisine on Uber eats

Japanese cuisine might look simple, but it is one of the cuisines which require extreme precision and balance of flavours to taste perfect. Japan has dishes which are high in nutrition and has numerous health benefits apart from being delicious.

Here’s our list of the best places on Uber Eats Bangalore to relish some of the best Japanese cuisine you can get your hands on:

Daily Sushi

Cost for two: ₹900

They have sufficient options in sushi, sushi rolls, ramen, salads, rice bowls and more. Their menu is quite economic as well. Both their outlets in Bangalore are small places to dine in with limited seats. So we would suggest you to order in your Japanese meal from Daily Sushi via Uber Eats.

Popular items – Sushi, Ramen, Rice Bowl


Cost for two: ₹1700

One of the best places serving Oriental cuisine in Bangalore. They have the most varieties of Asian food on their menu than any other in the city. They have an exclusive Ninja Meals Menu on weekdays for ‘Power Lunches’ as they claim, with healthy Japanese dishes. Online orders are open via Uber Eats app.

Popular items – Fried Coconut Shrimps Sushi Roll, Spicy Tofu Avocado Maki, Kappa Maki with Wasabi, Khau Suey, Drunken Beef

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Auntie Fung’s

Cost for two: ₹600

Another popular Asian outlet on Uber Eats. They have Chinese and Thai food apart from Japanese cuisine. The selection is limited but there are delicious Japanese appetisers, rice and curries, bao, soups, noodles and more. Order away Japanese food from any of their four outlets in Bangalore via Uber Eats food delivery.

Popular items – Khau Suey, Yaki Tori, Chicken Satay


Cost for two: ₹700

This Asian restaurant by Nasi and Mee has interesting Japanese options among other Asian cuisine. If you want to try sushi, Taipan would be one of your best options on Uber Eats. They also have a selection of Asian soups, grills, stir fires and curries to choose form. Make your selection from their Uber Eats menu.

Popular items – Non-veg Dyna Sushi, Tofu and Avocado sushi

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