Best Japanese Places on Zomato, Pune

The cuisine of fish and rice, Japanese food is famous worldwide. From its sushi & nigiri to tempura prawns, their food has gained attention all over the world for its unique taste and preparation. Japanese cuisine has evolved a lot to become what it is today, and because of that, we get to enjoy these delicacies.

Zomato, right from 2008, has been working on getting the best food to your home. Their food delivery service was one of the first in the country. Today, it has spread to every nook and corner of the nation, as they are the best at what they do. Find the best Japanese restaurants in Pune, and get it delivered home using Zomato coupons. These Zomato offers will help you save a lot.


One of the most authentic Japanese places in the country, Mamagoto specialised in Japanese dishes. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that everyone is bound to enjoy. Get it delivered using Zomato Promo codes.

Must try: Crispy Lotus Stem, Teriyaki Meal in a Bowl, Crispy Mushroom Maki

The Mandarin Cafe

Located in Phoenix Market City, The Mandarin Cafe is a favourite for all. They have Pan-Asian food that literally touches the soul. You can enjoy a good meal at home by ordering through Zomato offers.

Must try: Fish with burnt garlic spicy basil, Classic Chilli chicken


With a spacious ambience, this casual dining restaurants bring to you the best of Japanese Cuisine. Gong serves hearty meals in a quirky way that will have you wanting more and more. Order now with Zomato coupon code for the best discounts.

Must try: Sushi Platter, Khau Suey, Ramen


At this restaurant, it is extremely hard to find a seat. That’s how good their food is. Though on the smaller side, this restaurant has an authenticity that isn’t served anywhere else. Order now using Zomato coupons and have a delicious meal at home.

Must try: Ramen, Japanese curry

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