A woman can go without a lot of makeup products but cannot go without her mascara. This is one product that can immediately transform the look by instant making the eyes open up and brighten them at the same time. The eyes are the windows to the soul and a good mascara can do more towards enhancing the natural beauty than anything else. There are quite a few brands out there, and here is a list based on their prices, which will help the buyer make the best choice.

Here is the list of best brands for best Mascara

1. Best Lakme Mascara

Lakme Mascara from the Absolute range and the 9 to 5 range are the top products from the brands. The mascara can result in beautifully long lashes with just one application. The products are designed for long lasting performance and they instantly add extra sparkle to the eyes. The mascara are available at a price of Rs 355 to Rs 750.

2. Best Maybelline Mascara

Maybelline mascara is one of the highest selling products from the brand and not without a reason. The volumizing mascara from the brand are one of a kind and they make the lashes look longer and thicker with just a single coat of application. A double layer adds extra depth to the eyes and makes them stand out. The prices of the mascara are mostly between Rs 325 to Rs 750. The wand has a nice tip that can reach easily to the inner corners of the eye.

3. Best Blue Heaven Mascara

Blue Heaven is a relatively new brand but it has already gathered quite a fan following because of their top quality and their affordable pricing. It is one of the best Indian brands in recent times and the mascara is holding its own among a plethora of other brands already in the market. The mascara is available around a price of Rs 125.

4. Best Colorbar Mascara

Colorbar is a relatively new brand in the mid range segment and it has good reviews from users. The waterproof variation could be better but the mascara is good for daily use. The result is full and long lashes that stay put for quite a few hours. The mascara can be availed round a price of Rs 350 to Rs 500.

5. Best Oriflame Mascara

Oriflame has always been a trusted name in skincare and cosmetics and it is one of the best brands that has been a constant in women’s make up box. The mascara is a long lasting one, made from an innovative technology that highlights the eyes beautifully, without seeming too made up. The mascara is priced around Rs 550 to Rs 1200.

6. Best L’Oreal Paris Mascara

L’Oreal Paris definitely makes every woman worthy with their products and their mascara are one of a kind. They result in long and beautiful lashes that add extra depth and shadow to the eyes. There is no need to use fake lashes with this one. The price of the mascara is between Rs 550 to Rs 1400. The mascara wand is perfectly designed for the most meticulous application.

7. Best Avon Mascara

Avon products have always been dependable and their mascara is great both for day and night time use. The formula is light which means the user can build up according to her requirements. The brand also uses very less chemicals, which also makes them very safe for use. The mascara are mostly priced around. The mascara comes at a price point of around Rs 350 to Rs 750.

8. Best Coloresssence Mascara

Coloressence is another new brand but provides good results for regular daywear makeup. The mascara can also be easily washed off and it does not leave any traces behind, which is a must in skin care. The waterproof variants have garnered positive reviews from users. The mascara is mostly priced around Rs 350 to Rs 699.

9. Best Faces Mascara

Faces has made steady progress in India and all because of their superior quality products. The mascara is one of a kind and the mascara wand has a nice curve that makes application very easy. One coat of the mascara is sure to leave the admirer mesmerized. The products are mostly priced around Rs 449 to Rs 1400.

10. Best Revlon Mascara

Revlon was one of the first international brands in India and it still has a steady fan following, because of their top rated products. The mascara results in full and long lashes and dries very quickly, which makes it perfect for the modern woman on the go. Buyers may get the mascara at a price of Rs 480 to Rs 1980.

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