Best Mobile Bloggers of 2017

The past year has been phenomenal in terms of mobile phones but, who did the best job of helping us understand them? We did a little research and came up with a list of Best Mobile Bloggers Of 2017!
The bloggers have been chosen on the basis of unique content, fan following and factual accuracy.

So, here’s our list of the Top Mobile Bloggers Of 2017 in no particular order.

Blog Name: Telecom Talk

Telecom Talk
Editor: Chakri Kudikala

Twitter Followers: 38.9k | Facebook Fans: 63k

Telecom Talk puts out unique reviews, analysis and specifications for mobiles and tablets.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Latest News on Operating System updates
  • Mobile App suggestions
  • Simple phone reviews and analysis

According to Chakri Kudikala, “The blog’s main focus and motivation is innovation”. “Every smartphone comes out with a unique feature and this will continue as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence go mainstream in 2018.” he added.

Blog Name: Hellbound Bloggers

Hellbound bloggers
Run By: Pradeep Kumar

Twitter Followers: 5k | Facebook Fans: 8k

Hellbound Bloggers delves into everything from mobile phone launches to m-commerce strategies.

 Why We Love The Blog?

  • Latest mobile phone launch updates
  • Dedicated forum for questions and complaints about phones
  • Vast information about the role of mobile phones in business

According to Pradeep Kumar, founder of HBB, “You don’t need to be updated with the latest mobile phones to begin blogging. Simply start with what you use on a regular basis. Start writing your opinions about it and put it out on your blog.”

Blog Name: Techlomedia


Run By: Deepanker Verma

Twitter Followers: 6k | Facebook Fans: 25k

Techlomedia is a platform that makes buying a phone exceptionally simple by offering reviews, buying guides and a Phone Finder mechanism.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • Unique Phone Finder which categorizes phones according to specifications, price and brand
  • Compare feature that makes choosing easier
  • Detailed smartphone and tablet buying guides
  • Mobile Phone Deals section to find the lowest price available online

“There are a lot of people looking for suggestions to before buying the best phones which is why it became important to write about new mobile phones consistently,” says Deepanker, Techlomedia founder. In his opinion, “iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are some of the best phones today.”

Blog Name: Alltechbuzz

Run By: Imran Uddin

Twitter Followers: 4k | Facebook Fans: 272k

Alltechbuzz is a blog that educates people about latest technologies in the world of mobile phones along with providing expert reviews.

Why We Love The Blog?

  • News about latest developments in the mobile phone industry including new features and updates
  • Thorough comparison blogs for simplified buying
  • Panel of experts that answer reader queries through the website forum

In blog owner Imran Uddin’s view, “New bloggers must cover not just news stories but also reviews about products that they have used. This way your blog will get more traction and companies will start approaching you for reviews.”

Blog Name: TechPP (Technology Personalized)

Run By: Raju PP

Twitter Followers: 1k | Facebook Fans: 17k

Tech PP is a web magazine that covers not just mobile phone reviews but also simple tips and tricks related to mobile phones.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Tutorials section which educates readers about smartphones and their features
  • ‘Timepass’ section that’s features entertaining and quirky content related to mobile phones
  • Easy to understand language used in mobile phone reviews

Blog founder Raju PP was featured in amongst 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine in 2011. His name appeared amongst head honchos including Nandan Nilekani, Azim Premji, Shiv Nadar, Sunil Mittal.

Blog Name: Guiding Tech

Guiding Tech
Run By: Abhijeet Mukherjee

Twitter Followers: 6.9k | Facebook Fans: 100k
 Guiding Tech is a guide to all things tech including gadgets, operating systems, tips & tricks about mobile phones and deal son latest launches.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Content classified into Android, iOS, Windows and Mac for streamlined consumption
  • Up to date and informative news section

Blog Name:
Run By: Arun Prabhudesai

Twitter Followers: 6.2k | Facebook Fans: 26.2k is a news and opinion website that covers all mobile and telecom related news.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Latest information about apps, mobile phones and operating systems
  • Video section redirecting to YouTube channel with detailed video reviews

Blog Name: ShoutMeLoud

Run By: Harsh Agrawal

Twitter Followers: 46.9k | Facebook Fans: 61k

ShoutMeLoud is a platform where various bloggers come together to write about blogging, mobile marketing, latest apps and much more.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Educates readers about how to use mobile phones to earn money instead of only feeding facts.
  • Free WordPress guide & domain hosting deals for aspiring bloggers

Blog Name: Labnol

Run By: Amit Agarwal

Twitter Followers: 95.6k | Facebook Fans: 248k

Labnol has been around since the first iPhone was launched in India and still covers latest mobile phones, apps, tricks and all things technology.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Information rich how-to guides for mobile apps and software
  • Supports businesses by offering G-Suite products for business automation and productivity enhancement

Blog Name: Android Advices

Run By: Amit Bhawani

Twitter Followers: 21.7k | Facebook Fans: 45k

Android Advices, as the name suggests, offers useful tutorials and tips related to mobile phones that support Android OS.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Information on all Android device brands including LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony
  • Offers latest news from the world of Android and Android powered devices
  • Dedicated Apps section that provides information about an extensive list of Android Apps

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