Best of Paneer Dishes to Order From Uber Eats

paneer dishes on uber eats

Right from the young guns to the oldest people, if there’s unanimity in anything, it’s Paneer. Everyone enjoys this delicious piece of cheese that is extremely versatile. Crumble it up and make it a bhurji. Fry it to make some Paneer 65. You can do just about anything with Paneer and you end up with a scrumptious dish.

Here are some of the best Paneer dishes you should try out. Order in with Uber Eats and make the best of your meal.

Chilli Paneer

This sticky, gooey food is one of the best things ever made. With all the tastes of sweet, spicy and sour, the Chilli Paneer is definitely a crowd favourite. It is the best appetiser to serve up and it is also extremely easy to make. Order the best Chilli Paneer using Uber Eats promo codes.

Paneer Butter Masala

This is probably the dish which even put paneer on the map. This is a delicious curry that goes well with Chapathi, Naan, Rice and just about everything. Rich, with a slightly tangy taste, there won’t be anyone who doesn’t enjoy Paneer Butter Masala. Buy it now using Uber Eats coupons and save.

Paneer Bhurji

Need a very quick stuffing to make your sandwich delicious? Paneer Bhurji is here to save you. You can crumble the cheese, add some masala to it and tadaa, you’ve got yourself an easy and delicious sandwich. Make it now, or, if you’re too lazy, order in with Uber Eats offers and Uber Eats promo.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is the best friend of those who doesn’t eat meat. Deliciously slow-roasted to make the best snack, Paneer Tikka is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Eat is dry with some green chutney or add it to a tomato-based gravy, and your night is made. Order it now using Uber Eats promo codes and get amazing cashback on the meal.

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