Best Paint Brush Sets

Paint brushes are essential and the most basic painting stationery. They are available in various shapes and sizes, and each is specific to a certain kind of stroke and effect. They add stunning details to your paintings; you can use them to get dry textures, for blending and more. Check out our top recommendations for best paint brush sets.

Best Paint Brush Sets

1. Faber-Castell Tri-Grip Paint Brush

This set contains seven paint brushes, each with a different painting size for detailed painting and filling. The brushes feature metallic ferrules that fit perfectly over synthetic hair and prevent them from falling off. To ensure that you have complete control over your strokes, these paint brushes offer a comfortable grip design.

Non-slip Grip

These paint brushes feature a triangular-shaped grip that is slip-resistant and provides precise strokes.

Editor’s Choice

2. Kabeer Art Paint Brush Set

This paint brush set features five brushes with synthetic hair and aluminium ferrules that ensure clean painting. Each brush available in this set can be used to detail, fill, flat-wash, dry brush, and more. The brushes are durable and easy to clean.

Resistant to Dryness

These paint brushes feature synthetic bristles that make the equipment resistant to drying and immune to wear and tear.

Smart Choice

3. Faber-Castell Assorted Paint Brushes

Available in a set of 4, these art brushes feature wooden handles that offer perfect grip. They come with aluminium ferrules that help keep both ends clamped together in a straight and sturdy frame. The pony-hair brushes allow you to create intriguing patterns, offer dry brush effect and give a smooth finish to your artworks.

Easy Grip on Paint

These brushes feature flat bristles that provide a comfortable grip on paint. They also make cleaning of brushes more convenient.

Pocket-Friendly Option

4. Generic Paint Brush Set

Comprising 12 brushes, this set is perfect for those who wish to proceed with art as their career option. The brushes are available in different sizes and shapes so that you can create different patterns and strokes, and bring out effects like dry brushing, filling, flat washing, detailing and more. The brushes feature nylon hair secured with metallic ferrules that are attached to a wooden handle for a comfortable grip.

Assorted Brush Set

This assorted brush set combines the features of various paint brushes that can provide great detailing.

Value Choice

5. Camlin Champ Round Paint Brush Set

This set features seven paint brushes—each of different thickness—in beautiful neon colours. Their bristles are made of synthetic material and help trap the paint to make perfect strokes on canvas. To help prevent bristles from falling out, all brushes have slender aluminium ferrules.

Fine Strokes

These paint brushes feature slender tips that provide a perfect finish to strokes.

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