Pancakes Places on Zomato Bangalore

When in the mood for a healthy, tasty and quick breakfast, Pancakes are the first to come to mind. There’s nothing around that can be compared to pancakes for an alternative. In Bangalore, many places have recently introduced a restaurant to have freshly made sweet pancakes for the morning hunger.

For a quick morning bite of Pancakes, this blog talks about amazing places in Bangalore to order pancakes. With daily discounts on the menu, Zomato offers also include regular Zomato coupons. Using the Zomato promo codes to avail great discounts on the menu and having pancakes right in the morning at discounted rates is an amazing experience, indeed.

If you live in Banglore and love to pamper yourself with Zomato coupon codes, then the following list is for you. We have compiled a great list of pancakes places delivering pancakes in Bangalore.

The Waffcake Legacy

This 4 star rated bakery at Bali square serves amazing food for two at 350. Waffles and pancakes are a widely popular delicacy in Banglorites from this place.  With coupons availed the prices go even down and you can enjoy the tasty pancakes with great addons as well.

Lazy Suzy

At moderate costs for 2 this place offers amazing pancakes as well. With great positive things said by people for this place, it stands at a 4.3-star rating and is considered one of the best places to enjoy a lavish cozy meal.

Based on a True Story, Bistro

This is another popular cafe for great pancakes in the city. Costs at around Rs. 800 for two people the restaurants is a hungry man’s desire in the morning for having healthy breakfast to get on with the day. Especially serving breakfast in the morning since 9 am on Tuesday, this is a must-try for anyone who is in the city for a treat.

Sector 7 Cafe

A decent enough place for breakfast. The pancakes and omelets are pretty good! Is how most of the reviews for this 4.2-star restaurant. Not specifically for the mornings but this is a great place to have pancakes and other bakery items throughout the day from 10:30 am for Rs. 700 for two people.

Breakfast is supposedly the most important of the daily meals and what better than to grab some pancakes to raise the energy for the whole day. With Zomato offers today readily available to all through websites like CashKaro it’s a treat to experience the food of your choice at the best rates.

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