The eyes are the windows to the soul and for the Indian woman, highlighting the eyes are the most essential aspect of makeup. While the best way to do is with a kajal or kohl pencil, experimentation with eye make is fun and interesting at the same time, and the precision required for it can come through something more refined and better defining, like a pen eye liner. It lends a lot of control and truly brings out the essence of the look you want to achieve. There are number of brands out there, and here is a list of some of the best ones with their price.

List of the Best Pen Eyeliner Brands

1) Best In Color Pen Eyeliner

In Maxi pen In color pen liner comes in a jet black color and the shape and length of the pen is ideal for drawing any shape, especially the thin winged eye liner that seems so impossible to achieve with a regular kohl pencil. The liner is also long lasting and is perfect for a regular day at work or even for a long night out. The eye liner priced around Rs 170 and Rs 225.

2) Best Inklot Pen Eyeliner

Inklot has a wonderful range of eye liners but the pen liner is one of the best that they have in this segment. The eye liner is comes in jet black color and is one of a kind. It stays put for quite a few hours and is smudge free. The tip is suited to give shape to a wide range of eye liner styles, be it the winged eye liner or the kitten eye. They are priced around Rs 440 to Rs 650.

3) Best Lakme Pen Eyeliner

Lakme pen liners come in stylish packaging and they provide great definition with just a single stroke. The eye liner is jet black and is also water proof. The block tip and fine tip is great for lining for the upper and the lower eye lashes and the product is also endorsed by a number of celebrities. The product is available at a price of around Rs 450 to Rs 700.

4) Best Blue Heaven Pen Eyeliner

Blue Heaven Line and Design Sketch eye liner is just like using a pencil on the eye. The eye liner gives perfect finish with just a single swipe and it is also one of the more affordable products in this brand, at around Rs 245. The product is great for a regular day out and stays on for quite a few hours.

5) Best Sugar Pen Eyeliner

Sugar Cosmetics has a wide range of options and the pen liner is one of their better products. The liner tip has been designed with a lot of care and it has liners in both glossy and matte versions, offering a variety of options for those who want to bring a lot of drama in their style. The product is available for a price of around Rs 650 to Rs 890.

6) Best Revlon Pen Eyeliner

Revlon pen eye liners are for the modern women who are not afraid to experiment with her looks. The eye liners come in great packaging which makes it easier to carry and the tip is protected with an especially made cover that protects it from drying out. The eye liner would cost around Rs 450 to Rs 700.

7) Best Faces Pen Eyeliner

Faces pen eye liners are great for a night out because they result in truly dramatic eye shapes. The eye liners are one of a kind and can highlight the eyes like few products in this segment can. They are priced around Rs 60o to Rs 750 and they are also a regular in quite a few fashion events, because of the stark look they can lend.

8) Best Oriflame Pen Eyeliner

The One Eyeliner from Oriflame comes is a great pen tip that basically allows the user to draw any shape in their eyes, and facilitates the creation of a particular pattern. The eye liner is smudge proof and is also quite affordable, around Rs 400. The product is also made from organic products that make them great for those with sensitive eyes.

9) Best Avon Pen Eyeliner

Avon has always delivered what the clients want and their eye liners are especially great for day to day make up, because of their refreshing and hydrating feeling they lend as soon as they are applied. They remain smudge proof for up to 6 hours and that makes them great for office use. The eye liners are priced around Rs 600 to Rs 700.

10) Best Maybelline Pen Eyeliner

The Colossal eyeliner from Maybelline gives jet black definition with just a single swipe and the eye liner looks great with almost any outfit. It can create a variety of looks and although it is smudge proof, it is also easy to remove. They are priced around Rs 350 to Rs 480.

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