The scent of a woman defines her personality. There is a wide range of luxurious perfumes available for all kinds of personal liking. Check out the top brands offering the best perfumes for women in India:

1. Wild Stone Perfume

Wild Stone from McEnroe offers amazing deodorants and body perfumes for women. They have a wide range of products including perfume body spray, Eau De Parfums andeven body talcs. A lot of Indian women prefer wild stone body perfumes.

2. Versace perfume

Versace has an exquisite collection of body perfumes. Their range of cologne are loved by most Indian women. The sensual perfumes are delicate and intense at the same time. It creates the perfect blend that you can wear over your best clothes!

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3. Park Avenue perfume price

Park Avenue offers body perfumes for women. These include the bounce, celeb and lively women’s deodorants. They also have eau de parfum and deo talc for women.

4. Lacoste perfume price

Lacoste offers a wide range of perfumes and colognes for women. The Lacoste Eau De Lacoste and the Pour Elle Elegant Eau de Toilette are some of their most popular products loved by Indian men.

5. Hugo Boss perfume for women

Hugo Boss has an excellent collection of luxurious scents for women. These are seductive and feminine in the truest sense. They mostly are formulated with combinations of freesia, osmanthus, cocoa and other exotic ingredients.

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6. Davidoff Deo

Davidoff brings an exclusive luxurious range of perfumes for women. They are intense and capture the essence of freshness. One of the most popular products in the category is the Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette Spray.

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7. Calvin Klein perfume

Calvin Klein has always been a leader in perfumes and colognes. They have a wonderful range of aromas specially formulated for women. Their Obsession and Eternity series are very popular among women.

8. Bvlgari perfume price

The luxurious designer brand offers a limited collection of perfumes for women. These include the BLV Notte and the Omnia Green Jade among others. The Voile de Jasmin and Rose Essentielle are also popular.

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9. Burberry perfume price

Burberry has a big collection of perfumes and colognes to offer for women. The cute looking bottles come in different sizes and shapes and are loved by women all over the world. These fabulous feminine scents from burberry include three series, the Brit, Body and Classic.

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